Monday, May 06, 2013

Dyeing your hair will give you cancer

  Yet another part of modern industry has been under scrutiny the last decade or so for selling lethal products. Just in United Kingdom alone various hair-dyeing products sell for more than sixty million pounds each year, including both through hair dressers and individual purchases. The products and action are very popular, especially among women. Approximately sixty percent in the western world do it at even and uneven intervals. It’s yet another fashionable act, something «everyone» does, yet another area in today’s society where mindlessness dominates.

  Dyeing the hair increases the risk of contracting various types of cancer significantly. It can give cancer in the bladder and also certain types of leukemia. And there is higher risk of suffering genetic damages and of spontaneous abortion. In a study published in 2002 by Manuela Gago-Dominguez, a researcher in preventive medicine it was determined that nineteen percent of those suffering bladder cancer in Los Angeles County could be traced to hair-dyeing. That’s a very high number. Hair dressers are certainly even more exposed, five times more than average in a given population. Later surveys have confirmed this one. To use permanent colors are the most dangerous, since the skin quite simply suffers longtime exposure, but all dyeing is dangerous. The body gets rid of most of the chemicals, among them various forms of arylamines through the bladder, like it does with many compounds it doesn't want. What remains in the body may cause the before mentioned leukemia.
  The risk to the hairdressers was well known among researchers and aware people long before the study, but that all users risked cancer evidently came as a surprise. It shouldn't of course, since it has been well known since the sixties that dyeing products contain carcinogenic chemicals. This is quite simply yet another case where such knowledge doesn't become public and is basically ignored by those that could have banned the use of the chemicals.
  As always, the risk varies with the individual, but all users have an increased risk compared to those not dyeing their hair and the more often they color it, the more the risk increases.
  Lipstick, nail-polishing and cosmetics in general contain many of the same chemicals.
  My obvious advice is to stop dyeing your hair and stop covering your skin with lots of poison. Those finding good reasons to keep doing that after having read this, and/or countless similar warnings definitely have problems. People commit lots of stupid acts, but this is truly high on the list.
  The only people that keep claiming it isn't dangerous are those producing and selling this shit, and scientists and politicians paid by them, a pattern we have become quite used to as the list of dangerous and lethal chemicals in use becomes longer and longer and longer.

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