Saturday, May 11, 2013

9/11 - closer to the truth

  On 9/11 2001 the United States’ government and the forces behind it blew up World Trade Center in New York City and Pentagon in Washington DC and made most people believe that it was a terrorist attack executed by Islam Extremists.
  Those behind it was NOT the Jewish world conspiracy or Illuminati or other thousand year’s conspiracies, but far more prosaic and real forces like the arms industry, oil industry and American, pragmatic nationalists supporting Pax Americana, or as they call themselves these days; New American Century, a movement working for American Hegemony on the entire planet, a group working more or less in the open these days. They and others also desire more extensive legislation to deal with what they see as an unruly population, and the legislation, well established long before 9/11, really, has been approved on an assembly line afterwards.
  First and foremost: the official version, the pretext those in charge used to start in earnest the fake war on terror has long since been disproven like the obvious lie it is. There is nothing supporting it, except in the foggy minds of the tyranny’s loyal and mindless followers and supporters. The only «argument» they seem to have is that those rejecting the official lie are conspiracy theorists, a condescending method that has always been used to discredit true opposition.
  The next conviction striking critical minds is that the laws of gravity had to be suspended on that fateful day. There is no other explanation for what those in charge claim happened.
  What truly happened will probably never be completely revealed or known in detail. For that we will practically need recordings of the gang of higher public officials and private interests sitting there planning it, and even if these people are megalomaniacs I don’t think this is what they want posterity to remember them for.
  Like the movie Loose Change 2 shows it is doubtful if there actually was a plane hitting Pentagon. There just isn't any credible wreckage. Among other «details» missing are the plane’s enormous engines. The hole in the wall is also way too small and the wings have left no marks. They must evidently have fallen off before the impact…
  The collapse of the twin towers gives everybody looking at it associations of controlled explosions, not a collapse caused by the planes crashing into it. That planes did crash into the towers is fairly certain. But that wasn't bad enough for the true perpetrators, not enough deaths to justify the aggressive tyranny and the following blood baths in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the incarcerations of partly random people and everything else the servants of power were practically given free hands to do the last twelve years.
  A fireman witnessed how people placed something he later identified as explosives inside the buildings. Tower seven fell by itself many hours after the twin towers. Established media reported that Tower 7 had collapsed long before it actually did. People saw and heard explosions before the planes struck.
  It was said, more or less openly long before the actual date, by the people in the government that the United States needed a new Pearl Harbor. There was no lack of warnings that something was about to go down that day. People in key positions certainly believed that, since they had made sure they weren't anywhere near the danger before, during and just after the big moment…
  These are a few on the endless list of facts that have been given little or no attention in established media or in the official public sphere since the event. Anybody denying that there is something seriously wrong with this entire picture is unmistakably brainwashed. The case stinks to heaven and beyond. If you check the facts thoroughly without preconceptions and still think the perpetrators were a bunch of sinister-looking Arabs, you are seriously warped.
  Those in power have mobilized, of course. For every proof there is about their involvement a loyal sheep or ten steps forward with «evidence» to the contrary. Each and every one of us must decide which is most credible.
  To me there was a slow process of discovery. Even the most critical thinkers will rather not believe the worst. It took four years before I turned from my rather lax attitude concerning this subject and realized that the «morons» crying conspiracy were actually making sense.

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Unknown said...

Great summary, Amos!

I'd just like to add that no ID serial numbered plane parts have been found during the 12 years since the the demolitions — not a single one! — that can officially link debris to ANY of the four flights that allegedly caused all the destruction on 9/11.

I'll leave you with my op-ed refused by the censors at the New York Times:

9/11 as a religion-forming event

Blasphemy: Norwegian NRK TV's Latin America correspondent Haakon Børde in 2005 reviewed the crucifixion of Jesus as a religion-forming event, and also as an example of terror. In this feature article, I examine whether also the 9/11 terror can be said to have been religion-forming.

In our day and at the beginning of our own fresh millennium, the terrorist attacks on Manhattan and the Pentagon on 11 september 2001 are considered as the largest and worst in world history, even though Britain's and the U.S.'s bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 killed far more people. The difference is definitional, and certainly controversial, although the terrorist bombing in 1945 occurred in the context of a declared war between the parties.

The question then becomes whether the 9/11 terror will come to form - or perhaps already has formed - a new religion? To answer this question, we must take a closer look at the features that characterize a typical religion. At Wikipedia we find these criteria:

«Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the Universe.»

Now, the 9/11 belief hardly contains any creation story, as we find it in the Books of Moses and Gylfaginning, but the other elements seem to be present:

* We have an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and worldviews that turn people away from rationality and towards more spiritual and moralistic thought forms.
* We have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred stories that are intended to give meaning and direction to human life on earth.

As an example of the latter, we have the many accounts of ordinary Americans about how they enlisted in the war against what they were told was the enemy, namely Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, we have many more sofa-based fighters, including here in Norway, who like the Pentagon and our own Anders Behring Breivik have made Muslims the new enemy.

The basis for these soldiers and sofa warriors is the now sacred story of how 19 radical Muslims with Osama bin Laden as backer and director hijacked four airplanes and got three skyscrapers to collapse in Manhattan while also Pentagon and a mine shaft in Pennsylvania were hit by airliners that evaporated completely in their collisions.

No numbered aircraft components are found that can identify any of the four planes allegedly used in the attack, but this does not seem to pose any problem for supporters of the 9/11 belief. Neither does it play any crucial role that one skyscraper on the World Trade Center - WTC7 - not only collapsed, but collapsed in free fall for as much as 2.5 seconds, even though it was not even hit by a plane, nor that 30 meters of the building closer to ground level had to be turned from steel beams and concrete into air from one moment to another, for the collapse to be able to happen in free fall, ie with pure gravitational acceleration.

Like the official investigators from the NIST body, which is subject to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the faithful believe that there was no reason to investigate the ruins for traces of explosives, because they apparently had no reason to believe that there would be used explosives to get this 47-story skyscraper to collapse in free fall over a distance of 30 meters.

[End of Part I]

Unknown said...

[Part II]

We who take a more skeptical - or at least agnostic - stance to this new denomination, find it odd that one violates federal law in America, which requires them to look for signs of explosives after the collapse of any tall building, and we believe this legislation in itself should be reason enough to undertake such a crime scene investigation.

The examples of the huge passenger planes evaporating and the ruins that were not examined for explosive residue, are just two of many indications that we are dealing with a religious belief system that has already waved goodbye to rationality and to scientific method, and more turned itself towards the spiritual spheres and towards the moralizing attitude towards Muslims in general, although by no means it has been proven how strong Muslim faith, in itself, for the first time in world history could get an airliner to vaporize and skyscrapers to fall freely over tens of meters without any form of demolition.

We may therefore safely conclude that yes, the 9/11 terror has indeed already formed a new religion of the 21st century. This also explains why it is apparently so completely impossible to lead any objective debate or conversation with these believers: for them, it's no longer about factual and rational disagreement related to the events, but a challenge to their religious dogmas and beliefs, a blasphemy that makes them both angered, outraged and furious.