Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The value of plastic sausages

  This is an article completely lacking deeper significance.

  During a conversation with a friend the other day the following subject came up:

  Why doesn't someone make plastic sausages? I mean, they make plastic almost anything else, so why not plastic sausages? Sausages made of flesh or somewhat closer to flesh rot quickly, no matter how much preservatives they stuff it with. You can’t put sausages in the fridge and expect them to be safe for consumption after a month or two. The plastic variety will never rot.
  We have plastic flowers, plastic fruit, stuffed animals, stuffed humans and a society absolutely favoring anything artificial or simulated, so why leave out the poor sausages from the equation?
  I have no answer for you. The world is often like that, obscure and totally lacking reason and rationale.

  The plastic flowers and fruit look good, look juicy there on the display, don’t they?

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