Friday, April 26, 2013

Conspiracy theories

  Conspiracy theories have become something dirty again. They have always been that in the eyes of established society, of course. Conspiracy theories seek the truth behind the illusion, behind the lie, and we can’t have that, can we?
  The weaving of illusions is one very effective method used by those in charge in order for them to hold on to their position and power.
  No one will seriously claim these days that the Kennedy assassination was not a conspiracy (carried out by more than one person, that lone gunman)? How many witnesses that lost their lives in the years following the murder is impossible to measure today. Sufficient to say is that almost anyone even remotely connected to the case was dead ten years later. And that is only one of many pieces in the chain of evidence making the case. I won’t go through all the elements here. They can easily be found on the Internet.
  The United States Congress stated in 1978 that it was a conspiracy. But they are just yet another bunch of conspiracy nuts… right?
  And the Kennedy assassination is only one of countless times the truth has been attempted buried with a lot of bodies.
  The entire massive attack against system critics is rooted in the need to keep most people in the thick haze of their misconceptions.
  Condemning and ridiculing conspiracy theorists (system critics) has always been a fairly popular activity among many pretending to be radicals. It should be evident to all, including themselves that they serve those in charge, serve tyranny in this matter, in this matter, too. When once thinking and aware people gain access to the halls of power and start amassing lots of money they stop thinking, and very often it is a very conscious, deliberate act. What is the true «value» of ridiculing the search for truth in these and all cases? Yes, with this act they serve those in power and no one else. It has certainly no value to unbiased, truth-seeking journalists, if there are any such beasts left anywhere in established media.
  No, who is doing the political pornography and journalistic prostitution in this case is, like it often is pretty obvious. Unpleasant truths aren't usually spoken about, and when they are, they, when cases like the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 and 7/7 and countless others time and time again force themselves back into the light of day the eager servants of tyranny eagerly use any opportunity to ridicule the evidence and those making them available. But the truth-seekers, the system critics keep doing what they are doing anyway, often with a clear and present danger to their health and their reputation both.
  Today’s public space is a fake, poisonous bubble, where the Lie is very enduring and we only rarely see spots of truth, see it in the gust of the coldest northern wind.

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