Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A short and modest tale of determination

  I was late on Saturday and missed the 3.30 bus. I had to be a place at six o’clock and with the lousy bus-connections on Saturdays that was the last bus from home that would be any use to me in getting there in time.
  So I had a choice, really. I could call off my six o’clock appointment, but I didn't really want to do that. In this, like in many other cases I chose to not let myself be dictated by circumstances.
  So I walked eight kilometers (five miles), to the nearest useful bus-stop in 75 minutes and caught the five o’clock connection that took me to my goal fifteen minutes before I had to be there.
  Mission accomplished.
  This kind of determination has helped me before as well and will in the future, with everything, all short term and long term issues I feel is important in life and it is certainly one of several qualities I’m looking for in others.

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