Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A declaration of war

  I do consider myself at war with oppressive society. Anyone even approaching a truly critical and independent mindset should. The established cultural institutions, both public and commercial are certainly included in this.
  The current mainstream human society, with capitalism and civilization doesn't work, isn't functioning in any way beyond the rudimentary, except as a massive engine of destruction.
  Attacking one tiny piece of that framework won’t work. Only a holistic view is sufficient to even identify the problem. And when you do that, look at everything, without losing sight of the smaller things you realize or should realize that everything is indeed connected. Let’s say you wish to attack Coca Cola, one of countless bad forces on present day Earth. Let’s say you boycott them and even make them close down. You haven’t really been victorious at all. You haven’t made a fucking dent in the forces behind Coca Cola. You have, on the contrary allowed yourself to be distracted and diverted by the clever obfuscating currently dominating the information flow.
  Take any of the many horrors of enterprise, and that would be the truth. Feel free to attack isolated building blocks of the Machine, but always keep in mind the bigger picture.
  Capitalism is inherently wrong and will never give people a good life and such is also the case with civilization itself. We have seen that demonstrated for so long now that it is amazing how people are still fooled by the slick oil salesmen representing the system.
  They say the existence of wealthy people is good for the rest of us, that the mysterious ways of «a trickle down economy» will serve us all. They also say that you can never have a society with true equality and justice, because it is against human nature. Some people say we should have less inequality and injustice, but accept most of it. Yes, you read that right. They say so much, and all of it is pure bullshit.
  Anyone, using basic logic should know, without hesitation that any wealthy group or individual is a bad thing, know that wealth gains power to abuse.
  Some people, even many people serve tyranny willingly and eagerly. They get something out of it, either financial advantages or some kind of personal gratification by siding with the winners. Then there are those that might have somewhat honest motives or feel that they have, people being hopelessly naive about how current society works. And then there are so called gatekeepers or watchdogs or tape recorders, as I call them, possibly from both before mentioned groups.
  Conservatives, right wingers, centrists, liberals and leftists, everybody within the accepted parameters of the system serve it in different ways, but they all serve it.
  The true, obvious solution, of course is to attack the very society, its very foundation and the processes creating and serving the ongoing tyranny.
  Changing a given government won’t do it. Those in power are those that want to be. There is no use supplanting a pack of two-legged, fake wolves with another. That is logical, is it not?
  Taxing wealthy people and corporations a little more than today won’t do it. Any such talk is quite simply baring our neck to those in power, allowing the oppressors to stay in power, to keep their vastly unfair advantage.
  Signing lots of petitions won’t do it. Petitioning them or their servants in politics won’t do it. Allowing yourself to be fooled like that only helps the oppressors, of course.
  Half measures just won’t do it, period.
  As long as you allow yourself to be tricked (time and time again) by self-evident propaganda oppression will continue unabated.
  How many times must a given accepted, «foolproof method» and its proponents «fail» (they don’t try, since they have no interest in succeeding) in their professed attempt at creating a good life for us before you, yes, you say NO MORE?

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