Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Storyteller - a boundless expression

  There are basically two factors I focus on when I’m writing my stories, and they are closely connected. One is writing a good story, clearly the most important. If I find that it isn't a good story I put it aside and possibly return to it later. The other is to challenge and break people’s perceptions.
  An originally French term, Transgression is an art form where a given artist sees it as his or her task to break all social and artistic conventions. As I pointed out earlier the purpose, aside from creation itself is to challenge people’s view of the world and themselves, not to provoke. That some people are provoked is different and says, generally speaking more about them than what provokes them.
  A given power base has always blamed art and free expression when they feel they need to distract people, divert their attention from unpleasant facts about a given society.
  Something that is needed virtually all the time.
  So, seen through the eyes of people loving freedom and that before mentioned free expression, there is a bigger need than ever to give people a solid dosage of boundless ideas.


Unknown said...

Ah then I did translate it correctly; the point is not to provoke but in the telling some may be provoked which self induced or inflicted provocation is more telling of the reader than of the I have this right?

Ideas, especially uncomfortable ideas, have always been the bane of those who claim authority ovedr others. Those who have taken upon themselves the mantle of power have since the time of the coming of agriculture found it in their interest to have a large dispossed population free of unbounded dreams and unbecoming creativelty that might beget novel concepts of true individual liberty - the freedom to explore contrarion ideals and unacceptible, for the times, beliefs.

Amos Keppler said...

Yeah, and I don't need to provoke deliberately anyway. I do that by living...

A fairly free artist and human being will provoke by default in any tyranny, and in today's world there is a lot of such oppression.

Indeed, those in charge want our very dreams. Keeping us from expressing it/them in public is merely a result of that. They want us to sit in small dark rooms where no one can hear us and still be afraid of speaking out.