Sunday, March 10, 2013

Synchronicity and leaving the lights off

  This is a tale about synchronicity and leaving the lights off.
  I had breakfast in the early dawn’s twilight today and decided on a whim to not turn on any lights.
  As I sat there, feeding like a wolf, I decided to share my feelings on the matter by sending the following text-message to my friends:
  «I sit here, immersing myself in the dark twilight with all lights turned off. Inspiring»!
  The first response is from one asking if I want to join him in an excursion to the local haunted house. My answer is an enthusiastic YES. «Yes. Absolutely! What a great idea», I tell him.
  Perhaps, since I sent my first message just before I received his, he might even have sent me that message without having read mine, which makes the synchronicity or the joy of random coincidence even greater.
  Another sends the following message:
  «The night, it is still here, with us. We’re still surrounded by the night’s mystique. We just need to leave the lights off».
  «Exactly»! I shout and text, waking up the entire netighborhood. «That is SO correct and well said»!
  And the ideas start coming. One is an original twist on the classic haunted house scheme. Another is about leaving the lights off. Both are added to my previous, long-time thoughts on the subjects.
  Stories about haunted houses have been done to death, and I've pondered for years about ways to make such a story somewhat fresh and original.
  I use candles and sometimes torches, only natural fires on all parties in my house, and I have written several novels, short stores and scripts about leaving the lights off already, but there is yet more to explore about the subject. There always will be.
  And the ideas just keep coming, both new projects and additions to the old and ongoing. Getting inspired has been easy for me for a very long time, and it keeps getting easier. And one single, small act of variety now and then makes my creativity even more powerful. I would like ten pairs of hands (accompanied with ten working keyboards and connected computers), please.
  Well, I just have to endure (thrive) with the pair I've got, as my mind and consciousness keep expanding, keep soaring along ancient treks.
  Much will come from this, from this single moment alone in the years to come, as it mingles with all the other moments in here, I know that. One more branch, ever-growing has been added to my tree of inspiration, my personal tree of life.

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