Saturday, March 23, 2013

Softballing no longer

  Population numbers aren't the main issue here. That honor goes to civilization itself. Reducing the human population won’t save humanity and life on Earth, only the total collapse of civilization will do that.
  But I did realize yesterday during an interesting and not too unpleasant discussion on Twitter that I had been softballing the population issue, not been open with my view on it and that is unacceptable to me.
  I hadn’t been broadcasting it, like I do everything else…
  So here it goes:
  I think the population numbers on Earth should be reduced drastically, and to achieve that the entire world should adopt the Chinese one child policy, or rather the close to failed policy. You see, it doesn't work, in the sense that they don’t reach their objective of one child, one woman. Quite a few couples have more than one child.
  But if the entire world adopted it and it worked like in China the human population would be down to about one billion by 2075 and keep falling further in the generations after that.
  A significant improvement for sure.
  Yes, I know. I share your concerns. I am a green anarchist and can’t stand the government or any governing body whether it is private or public, including their frequent attacks on reproductive rights. Whatever concerns you have, I have already debated hard with myself.
  I know all the arguments.
  I think the population numbers will fall whether we act or not. I think the upcoming, near-future total collapse will take care of huge chunks of current humanity. It isn't a matter of if, but of when. Time has long since passed for half measures. This is an issue completely transcending politics and personal preferences.
  It is my conviction that we should actually help nature restoring the balance on Earth. We should have fixed all this yesterday, but we didn't. On the contrary. It has taken a turn or thousand for the worse, worse, worse.
  The rules should be totally fair. They should be implemented everywhere without exceptions. It should be done voluntarily, really, since we, humanity are committing collective suicide and everything possible should be done to prevent that.
  I am anti-Malthusian, anti Social Darwinism, anti-elitist. I reject all elitist bullshit claiming that wealthy people are more worth than poor. In my eyes it is rather the other way around. And the wealthy (and/or greedy) clearly carry a bigger responsibility for our current peril, but the sad fact is that we’re all part of the problem.
  The attempt to tag any proponent of drastic population reduction with a Malthusian world-view is very common and just yet another attempt at silencing critical voices. And the horror of presumption is clearly a giant bedsore in the «argument» of the various type of technocrat.
  There are those claiming that the Earth can sustain a far higher number of people, but that is pure bullshit and has no basis in reality. Facts, destruction everywhere show how wrong those people are. Only technocrats, people with religious belief in technology claim this. Advanced technology is clearly a major part of the problem, and people want more of the same.
  How insane is that?
  Technocrats are the ultimate fascists. They are the main power today, and they won’t let go of it, even if it means the very demise of mankind.
  With the aid of bulldozers and excavation tools beyond any reason, test tubes and all humanity is transforming, destroying the planet and all life here. We have already almost implemented the Sixth Great Extinction Event. We, humanity have in fact become like a cosmic disaster.
  Do I believe stopping that will be easy or even achievable? No, not really, but that shouldn't prevent us from trying, in anything. It’s better to try and fail a thousand times, than to never try at all.
  A drastic population reduction or its meager attempts is certainly one of many aspects of that.
  To state the obvious, or what should be obvious: Civilization is destroying life on Earth, not merely a few of its components.
  Take the construction of one single car, what that alone demand of production power, of factories and pollution and ruination of nature and everything in it. Do the math, add the countless millions of cars ever made. Add the countless millions of other artifacts.
  The discussion must be turned from attacking those that want an end to civilization, to attacking those that don’t want an end to it. Civilization propaganda/myth says a lot about how bad nomadic tribal hunter/gatherer life was, and how great and irreplaceable civilization is.
  All bullshit, of course.
  Supporting civilization, pure and simple is a crime of infinite proportions, the biggest ever. That the support is mostly habitual and downright mindless doesn't make it better at all.
  The truth is that civilization adds to and amplifies all our worst sides, while nomadic tribalism encourages most of our best sides. We should all reject our current insane lifestyle and that starts with rejecting its lies. Humanity belongs in nature. We feel at home there because we are at home there. It should be our preferred way of living.
  Instead of the thoroughly hollow existence we suffer today.
  We won’t return to a paradise, since there aren't and shouldn't be such a thing, but we will live and thrive.
  I have lived in the wilderness two years in a row and no one can tell me anything new about it, what a hardship and great feeling it is.
  Returning to nature, returning home will be a big win/win. We will no longer walk the insane suicide path and we will enjoy our lives again, live in the world, instead of merely existing in it. The current suicide life, physically, mentally drags us down at every turn.
  Make it stop!

  The discussion early this week felt good in most ways. I hardly lost my cool at all, no matter how horrible and abusive some of the opposing «arguments» were, but argued in a calm and fairly efficient manner, as efficient as Twitter allows anyway.
  It is so funny discussing this with the sheep. They expect me and people like me to be evasive and defensive, almost to be apologizing for our opinions, and they go apeshit when that is not the case. I stand firmly behind my view and am confident in my opinions. They have grown for a long time and have been tested and proven time and time again.
  Facts are on our side. You don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious.

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