Saturday, March 23, 2013

Liquidating civilization quickly in a few easy steps

  First: The worst possible turn of events is if civilization somehow survives.
  Second: Life in the wilderness is a better life by far.
  Civilization isn't, wasn't and will never be viable, except as a horrible destroyer of life and spirit. It must Go Away, so mankind and life on Earth can be revived.
  It’s pretty obvious it will end in an orgy of blood, suffering and death. Those three horrors multiplied are already here and it is nothing compared to what’s coming. We must stop burying our head in the sand once and for all.
  The following is a somewhat sketchy description of how to do it more peacefully, or at least an attempt at such, basically a rewilding process for all life, including humans.
  Within that framework many and extensive corresponding actions must be undertaken.
  It’s time to turn the process of destruction around. Instead of ruining ever more nature we must let nature reclaim the places where we currently hold sway. No more new roads, no more keeping old from fading. Cities, streets and buildings must all return to nature.
  One of the first things we do is to implement China’s one-child policy all over the planet. Even with the evident inefficiencies easily observed in China, where some couples have more than one child it will work, and reduce the world’s population to 1.6 billion by 2075 and even more in the generations after that.
  One of the next is that we stop and also turn back all globalization, all lengthy transport of goods and people, reducing everything to local level, stop using planes, big boats and engine-based vehicles altogether. No more transports from Asia to United States or from Australia to Europe, or between countries or even within a country. All nations should be dissolved and everything should happen on a local level and there should be no trade between various parts of a former country either. All local tribes should sort of adopt a kind of anti-cooperation with faraway tribes, at least shorter term. The rewilding should start in earnest, with release of animals from captivity, with serious attempts at returning them to their place in nature as well. We leave the final vestiges of the cities behind for good. There should be no humans in areas that can’t sustain them, and I mean sustain them by natural means. Let us let wilderness hold total dominion there once again and let us be happy, be cheerful, be jubilant about it and focus on relearning everything we need to learn to survive and thrive as nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes.
  The Dunbar number, which I basically agree with, says that humans can’t truly relate to much more than hundred people in their lives. Everyone beyond that is… immaterial.
  I would set the number even lower.
  Being a city dweller is clearly unnatural to our very core.
  There you have it, a brief outline to keep expanding upon and work with, until we get it right.
  Yes, I’m aware that this presents enormous logistical problems, major difficulties in terms of timing and sequence and cooperation, but if we really put our minds to it we will at least have a fighting chance.
  Very good, and far from the beyond pale prospects of the continued collective suicide of civilization.

  And at some point all the electrical, artificial lights may finally be turned off… forever.
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