Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dangerously ignorant

  Most people today don’t understand the basics of how modern local, domestic and global society works. They don’t see how wealth and power dominate and influence almost any decision, in bigger and smaller ways. Thus their outlook becomes fundamentally flawed and their delusions prevail.
  This has little to do with intellect and even strength. Regimentation, conformity is a powerful tool. It can crush even the strongest spirit.
  To resist the massive propaganda today you need to be fiercely independent and anti-authoritarian, and have an inborn ability to not take things at face value. You need to be able and willing to dig beneath accepted «truths».
  But since most people lack that need, that drive they become straight out dangerously ignorant.

  Dangerous business and polluters, the big corporations and their massive propaganda machinery have an easy time with these people. Companies like Monsanto can basically do whatever they want without the massive protests their very existence should provoke. Many people claiming to be informed are easily mislead, when it comes to the artificial «sweetener» aspartame, when it comes to GMO (Genetically modified organism) and the entire production line of highly poisonous chemicals. Those professed informed people often quote «the most respectable sources there is», totally unaware that the people behind these sources take HUGE contributions from a given industry, or if aware of it, failing to mention that little crucial fact in their deliberations…
  It is common knowledge, a matter of public record that there has been, is a revolving door between Monsanto and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since aspartame was first approved. It began with Ronald Reagan sacking the leader (the commissioner) when he and his team wouldn't approve of the putrid stuff and hired a man from Monsanto that did. But does this impress the useful idiots serving Monsanto? NOOOO. They quote FDA when they say that aspartame is the most thoroughly tested shit ever, even though FDA is obviously biased, clearly one of several Monsanto long arms into the government.
  These days the U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as a hidden, unlabeled additive. I don’t think anyone will bet against that happening.
  Monsanto and its like know the «sweetener» is dangerous and they have fought for years to keep it from being labeled, so consumers can’t make a well informed choice. This is just one more method they use to obscure the truth.  Their track record is downright scary: Agent Orange, Dioxin, PCP, Roundup (beyond poisonous herbicide) and undermining of whatever regulations there are at any turn. They have terrorized farmers that won’t play ball with them and threatened people exposing them for what they are. Aspartame and GMO are only two of many horrors they have given us.
  The same mechanisms are at hand when it comes to most dangers threatening humanity and life on Earth in general. It is bad enough that most people are just plain ignorant, but when fairly resourceful people just reject the writing on the wall everything become that much worse. This is true about the entire chemical cocktail we surround ourselves with and all companies producing such. They have the wealth and the power to do anything they desire and their only guiding star is whether or not their produce makes a buck, life on Earth be damned.
  The useful idiots don't see through their ruse and have a lot to answer for.
  Many of them are also pretty much advocates for dangerous technologies. We have threats and crazies like the transhumanists, people looking forward to the so called technological singularity and wish to speed up the process of advanced technology and have given little or no thought to where it will all lead.
  We do indeed live in an insane society, a place where many joyfully blaze a trail to even compound the collective suicide humanity is currently committing, a tailspin suicide run previously unheard of. Compared with all other horrible ages in human history, this is by far the worst.
  And all sensible projections point to even more horrible things to come.
  Because people don’t speak up, because they are negligent and gullible and ridiculously and criminally naive and serve the tyranny, the Machine with a shrug and even a happy smile.

  The true line drawn in the sand isn't between those criticizing society and those not doing it, but between those subverting it and the rest.
  This society, celebrating insanity, greed and destruction of life and nature clearly needs to be subverted, needs to fall. The wrongness is obviously inherent in the system, is the system, not a small, removable or repairable part of it.
  We should all realize that and act accordingly.

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