Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Storyteller - a boundless expression

  There are basically two factors I focus on when I’m writing my stories, and they are closely connected. One is writing a good story, clearly the most important. If I find that it isn't a good story I put it aside and possibly return to it later. The other is to challenge and break people’s perceptions.
  An originally French term, Transgression is an art form where a given artist sees it as his or her task to break all social and artistic conventions. As I pointed out earlier the purpose, aside from creation itself is to challenge people’s view of the world and themselves, not to provoke. That some people are provoked is different and says, generally speaking more about them than what provokes them.
  A given power base has always blamed art and free expression when they feel they need to distract people, divert their attention from unpleasant facts about a given society.
  Something that is needed virtually all the time.
  So, seen through the eyes of people loving freedom and that before mentioned free expression, there is a bigger need than ever to give people a solid dosage of boundless ideas.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Liquidating civilization quickly in a few easy steps

  First: The worst possible turn of events is if civilization somehow survives.
  Second: Life in the wilderness is a better life by far.
  Civilization isn't, wasn't and will never be viable, except as a horrible destroyer of life and spirit. It must Go Away, so mankind and life on Earth can be revived.
  It’s pretty obvious it will end in an orgy of blood, suffering and death. Those three horrors multiplied are already here and it is nothing compared to what’s coming. We must stop burying our head in the sand once and for all.
  The following is a somewhat sketchy description of how to do it more peacefully, or at least an attempt at such, basically a rewilding process for all life, including humans.
  Within that framework many and extensive corresponding actions must be undertaken.
  It’s time to turn the process of destruction around. Instead of ruining ever more nature we must let nature reclaim the places where we currently hold sway. No more new roads, no more keeping old from fading. Cities, streets and buildings must all return to nature.
  One of the first things we do is to implement China’s one-child policy all over the planet. Even with the evident inefficiencies easily observed in China, where some couples have more than one child it will work, and reduce the world’s population to 1.6 billion by 2075 and even more in the generations after that.
  One of the next is that we stop and also turn back all globalization, all lengthy transport of goods and people, reducing everything to local level, stop using planes, big boats and engine-based vehicles altogether. No more transports from Asia to United States or from Australia to Europe, or between countries or even within a country. All nations should be dissolved and everything should happen on a local level and there should be no trade between various parts of a former country either. All local tribes should sort of adopt a kind of anti-cooperation with faraway tribes, at least shorter term. The rewilding should start in earnest, with release of animals from captivity, with serious attempts at returning them to their place in nature as well. We leave the final vestiges of the cities behind for good. There should be no humans in areas that can’t sustain them, and I mean sustain them by natural means. Let us let wilderness hold total dominion there once again and let us be happy, be cheerful, be jubilant about it and focus on relearning everything we need to learn to survive and thrive as nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes.
  The Dunbar number, which I basically agree with, says that humans can’t truly relate to much more than hundred people in their lives. Everyone beyond that is… immaterial.
  I would set the number even lower.
  Being a city dweller is clearly unnatural to our very core.
  There you have it, a brief outline to keep expanding upon and work with, until we get it right.
  Yes, I’m aware that this presents enormous logistical problems, major difficulties in terms of timing and sequence and cooperation, but if we really put our minds to it we will at least have a fighting chance.
  Very good, and far from the beyond pale prospects of the continued collective suicide of civilization.

  And at some point all the electrical, artificial lights may finally be turned off… forever.
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Softballing no longer

  Population numbers aren't the main issue here. That honor goes to civilization itself. Reducing the human population won’t save humanity and life on Earth, only the total collapse of civilization will do that.
  But I did realize yesterday during an interesting and not too unpleasant discussion on Twitter that I had been softballing the population issue, not been open with my view on it and that is unacceptable to me.
  I hadn’t been broadcasting it, like I do everything else…
  So here it goes:
  I think the population numbers on Earth should be reduced drastically, and to achieve that the entire world should adopt the Chinese one child policy, or rather the close to failed policy. You see, it doesn't work, in the sense that they don’t reach their objective of one child, one woman. Quite a few couples have more than one child.
  But if the entire world adopted it and it worked like in China the human population would be down to about one billion by 2075 and keep falling further in the generations after that.
  A significant improvement for sure.
  Yes, I know. I share your concerns. I am a green anarchist and can’t stand the government or any governing body whether it is private or public, including their frequent attacks on reproductive rights. Whatever concerns you have, I have already debated hard with myself.
  I know all the arguments.
  I think the population numbers will fall whether we act or not. I think the upcoming, near-future total collapse will take care of huge chunks of current humanity. It isn't a matter of if, but of when. Time has long since passed for half measures. This is an issue completely transcending politics and personal preferences.
  It is my conviction that we should actually help nature restoring the balance on Earth. We should have fixed all this yesterday, but we didn't. On the contrary. It has taken a turn or thousand for the worse, worse, worse.
  The rules should be totally fair. They should be implemented everywhere without exceptions. It should be done voluntarily, really, since we, humanity are committing collective suicide and everything possible should be done to prevent that.
  I am anti-Malthusian, anti Social Darwinism, anti-elitist. I reject all elitist bullshit claiming that wealthy people are more worth than poor. In my eyes it is rather the other way around. And the wealthy (and/or greedy) clearly carry a bigger responsibility for our current peril, but the sad fact is that we’re all part of the problem.
  The attempt to tag any proponent of drastic population reduction with a Malthusian world-view is very common and just yet another attempt at silencing critical voices. And the horror of presumption is clearly a giant bedsore in the «argument» of the various type of technocrat.
  There are those claiming that the Earth can sustain a far higher number of people, but that is pure bullshit and has no basis in reality. Facts, destruction everywhere show how wrong those people are. Only technocrats, people with religious belief in technology claim this. Advanced technology is clearly a major part of the problem, and people want more of the same.
  How insane is that?
  Technocrats are the ultimate fascists. They are the main power today, and they won’t let go of it, even if it means the very demise of mankind.
  With the aid of bulldozers and excavation tools beyond any reason, test tubes and all humanity is transforming, destroying the planet and all life here. We have already almost implemented the Sixth Great Extinction Event. We, humanity have in fact become like a cosmic disaster.
  Do I believe stopping that will be easy or even achievable? No, not really, but that shouldn't prevent us from trying, in anything. It’s better to try and fail a thousand times, than to never try at all.
  A drastic population reduction or its meager attempts is certainly one of many aspects of that.
  To state the obvious, or what should be obvious: Civilization is destroying life on Earth, not merely a few of its components.
  Take the construction of one single car, what that alone demand of production power, of factories and pollution and ruination of nature and everything in it. Do the math, add the countless millions of cars ever made. Add the countless millions of other artifacts.
  The discussion must be turned from attacking those that want an end to civilization, to attacking those that don’t want an end to it. Civilization propaganda/myth says a lot about how bad nomadic tribal hunter/gatherer life was, and how great and irreplaceable civilization is.
  All bullshit, of course.
  Supporting civilization, pure and simple is a crime of infinite proportions, the biggest ever. That the support is mostly habitual and downright mindless doesn't make it better at all.
  The truth is that civilization adds to and amplifies all our worst sides, while nomadic tribalism encourages most of our best sides. We should all reject our current insane lifestyle and that starts with rejecting its lies. Humanity belongs in nature. We feel at home there because we are at home there. It should be our preferred way of living.
  Instead of the thoroughly hollow existence we suffer today.
  We won’t return to a paradise, since there aren't and shouldn't be such a thing, but we will live and thrive.
  I have lived in the wilderness two years in a row and no one can tell me anything new about it, what a hardship and great feeling it is.
  Returning to nature, returning home will be a big win/win. We will no longer walk the insane suicide path and we will enjoy our lives again, live in the world, instead of merely existing in it. The current suicide life, physically, mentally drags us down at every turn.
  Make it stop!

  The discussion early this week felt good in most ways. I hardly lost my cool at all, no matter how horrible and abusive some of the opposing «arguments» were, but argued in a calm and fairly efficient manner, as efficient as Twitter allows anyway.
  It is so funny discussing this with the sheep. They expect me and people like me to be evasive and defensive, almost to be apologizing for our opinions, and they go apeshit when that is not the case. I stand firmly behind my view and am confident in my opinions. They have grown for a long time and have been tested and proven time and time again.
  Facts are on our side. You don’t need a crystal ball to see the obvious.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

How to become a truly mobile human being (IV of IV) - the complete setup

  This is a continuation and completion of my previous posts on the subject.

  Having variety in your exercise is just as important as the quantity, the mileage you put down. Without variety there will be a higher risk of injuries and you will probably leave out some muscles and muscle groups.
  I do three fairly easy types of workouts these days. In addition to the running and the forest trips I do swimming and something called isometric training, a form of weightlifting with small weights where you move as little as possible, except for the parts of the body you’re focusing on. I can’t really cut loose right now, as I’m still suffering from the repercussions, the neck injuries three years working in an office brought me.
  It’s important to be well prepared for spring, when the hard exercise can truly begin…
  During an ideal week I run through forest and fields on Sunday, training weights and make exercises on Monday, swim on Tuesday, run on Wednesday, lift manuals and make exercises on Thursday, swim on Friday and make exercises on Saturday. That’s what I will go for in the weeks to come. It is what I will call a complete exercise program, takes care of and prevents injuries, even though the risk of injury will never go away, removes excess fat and develops all muscles, leading to a sense of well being we can only dream about if we sit still all day.
  The isometric weightlifting isn't really that difficult. If you’re inexperienced you need help at first, but after a while everything practically moves forward by itself. As I've pointed out earlier, it is important to not be in a hurry. It’s better to focus on doing everything correct, teach yourself the correct regular schedule than to be a bundle of muscles over night. And then, as you grow more experienced you can choose whether or not you want big or more functional muscles. I prefer the latter.
  The swimming is the icing of the cake of all exercise, really. You get to use all the muscles in your body in a natural way. Even those who have done both weights and endurance for a while will discover that there is a transitional period where things take time. It’s a completely different way of moving. But when summer arrives, you don’t need to go through that acclimatization period. You start at a higher level.
  Absolute beginners should have forty-eight hours of rest between each workout, even if variety turns all of it into a game more than a hardship compared to one-sided, traditional exercise. Half an hour a day is a good way to start and then move quickly to an hour and slowly increase the capacity from there.
  The times I've managed to be in top shape when spring comes, I've really been able to cut loose. I did several workouts during the day. It will be so great if I, against all odds would be able to do that again.
  That is indeed something to look forward to, yet another great goal to set for oneself.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Synchronicity and leaving the lights off

  This is a tale about synchronicity and leaving the lights off.
  I had breakfast in the early dawn’s twilight today and decided on a whim to not turn on any lights.
  As I sat there, feeding like a wolf, I decided to share my feelings on the matter by sending the following text-message to my friends:
  «I sit here, immersing myself in the dark twilight with all lights turned off. Inspiring»!
  The first response is from one asking if I want to join him in an excursion to the local haunted house. My answer is an enthusiastic YES. «Yes. Absolutely! What a great idea», I tell him.
  Perhaps, since I sent my first message just before I received his, he might even have sent me that message without having read mine, which makes the synchronicity or the joy of random coincidence even greater.
  Another sends the following message:
  «The night, it is still here, with us. We’re still surrounded by the night’s mystique. We just need to leave the lights off».
  «Exactly»! I shout and text, waking up the entire netighborhood. «That is SO correct and well said»!
  And the ideas start coming. One is an original twist on the classic haunted house scheme. Another is about leaving the lights off. Both are added to my previous, long-time thoughts on the subjects.
  Stories about haunted houses have been done to death, and I've pondered for years about ways to make such a story somewhat fresh and original.
  I use candles and sometimes torches, only natural fires on all parties in my house, and I have written several novels, short stores and scripts about leaving the lights off already, but there is yet more to explore about the subject. There always will be.
  And the ideas just keep coming, both new projects and additions to the old and ongoing. Getting inspired has been easy for me for a very long time, and it keeps getting easier. And one single, small act of variety now and then makes my creativity even more powerful. I would like ten pairs of hands (accompanied with ten working keyboards and connected computers), please.
  Well, I just have to endure (thrive) with the pair I've got, as my mind and consciousness keep expanding, keep soaring along ancient treks.
  Much will come from this, from this single moment alone in the years to come, as it mingles with all the other moments in here, I know that. One more branch, ever-growing has been added to my tree of inspiration, my personal tree of life.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dangerously ignorant

  Most people today don’t understand the basics of how modern local, domestic and global society works. They don’t see how wealth and power dominate and influence almost any decision, in bigger and smaller ways. Thus their outlook becomes fundamentally flawed and their delusions prevail.
  This has little to do with intellect and even strength. Regimentation, conformity is a powerful tool. It can crush even the strongest spirit.
  To resist the massive propaganda today you need to be fiercely independent and anti-authoritarian, and have an inborn ability to not take things at face value. You need to be able and willing to dig beneath accepted «truths».
  But since most people lack that need, that drive they become straight out dangerously ignorant.

  Dangerous business and polluters, the big corporations and their massive propaganda machinery have an easy time with these people. Companies like Monsanto can basically do whatever they want without the massive protests their very existence should provoke. Many people claiming to be informed are easily mislead, when it comes to the artificial «sweetener» aspartame, when it comes to GMO (Genetically modified organism) and the entire production line of highly poisonous chemicals. Those professed informed people often quote «the most respectable sources there is», totally unaware that the people behind these sources take HUGE contributions from a given industry, or if aware of it, failing to mention that little crucial fact in their deliberations…
  It is common knowledge, a matter of public record that there has been, is a revolving door between Monsanto and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since aspartame was first approved. It began with Ronald Reagan sacking the leader (the commissioner) when he and his team wouldn't approve of the putrid stuff and hired a man from Monsanto that did. But does this impress the useful idiots serving Monsanto? NOOOO. They quote FDA when they say that aspartame is the most thoroughly tested shit ever, even though FDA is obviously biased, clearly one of several Monsanto long arms into the government.
  These days the U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as a hidden, unlabeled additive. I don’t think anyone will bet against that happening.
  Monsanto and its like know the «sweetener» is dangerous and they have fought for years to keep it from being labeled, so consumers can’t make a well informed choice. This is just one more method they use to obscure the truth.  Their track record is downright scary: Agent Orange, Dioxin, PCP, Roundup (beyond poisonous herbicide) and undermining of whatever regulations there are at any turn. They have terrorized farmers that won’t play ball with them and threatened people exposing them for what they are. Aspartame and GMO are only two of many horrors they have given us.
  The same mechanisms are at hand when it comes to most dangers threatening humanity and life on Earth in general. It is bad enough that most people are just plain ignorant, but when fairly resourceful people just reject the writing on the wall everything become that much worse. This is true about the entire chemical cocktail we surround ourselves with and all companies producing such. They have the wealth and the power to do anything they desire and their only guiding star is whether or not their produce makes a buck, life on Earth be damned.
  The useful idiots don't see through their ruse and have a lot to answer for.
  Many of them are also pretty much advocates for dangerous technologies. We have threats and crazies like the transhumanists, people looking forward to the so called technological singularity and wish to speed up the process of advanced technology and have given little or no thought to where it will all lead.
  We do indeed live in an insane society, a place where many joyfully blaze a trail to even compound the collective suicide humanity is currently committing, a tailspin suicide run previously unheard of. Compared with all other horrible ages in human history, this is by far the worst.
  And all sensible projections point to even more horrible things to come.
  Because people don’t speak up, because they are negligent and gullible and ridiculously and criminally naive and serve the tyranny, the Machine with a shrug and even a happy smile.

  The true line drawn in the sand isn't between those criticizing society and those not doing it, but between those subverting it and the rest.
  This society, celebrating insanity, greed and destruction of life and nature clearly needs to be subverted, needs to fall. The wrongness is obviously inherent in the system, is the system, not a small, removable or repairable part of it.
  We should all realize that and act accordingly.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Holy conformity

  I wouldn't read most of the books published by established publishers even if I got them for free. I've got better things to do with my time.
  I always leave a bookstore disgusted, choking at the normality there, even in the fantasy department. Why is that, you think?
  Don’t answer that. It was sarcasm and yet another rhetorical question.
  Visiting a modern bookstore is a very frustrating and dismal study in mediocrity. It’s also a reflection of the so called market, of course. What is chosen by established publishers are generally speaking horrible stories and stories made worse by the editing process.
  - These books have won lots of prizes, the salesman told an impressed customer. – They are very similar to Lord of theRings.
  Case closed…
  In case you’re wondering: prizes are given by, you guessed it various established publishers or bodies with tight ties to the industry.
  And prizes are a lousy idea from the start, anyway, commercial forces multiplied with snobbery squared.
  But I do actually remember when visiting a bookstore was an exciting experience, a place where curious kids and adults could excel. The books weren't exactly that much better, but there was that crucial difference: the sense of wonder hadn't been left behind, hadn't been thrown into the waste basket of that before mentioned commercialism and cultural snobbery and endless holy repetition of popular themes. (TM)
  To say that it has gone from bad to worse is quite simply way too kind and woefully inadequate.
  The store is like the books it sells: utterly lacking in originality and independent thought. Conformity claims victory on all fronts.
  I can’t claim that my visit was a total bust this time, though. I got lots of coherent thoughts out of it.