Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  At what point do we claim self defense?
  This argument is raised fairly often among true radicals, in true radical movements, but is practically ignored, like all crucial questions in mainstream media.
  Not so strange that, since mainstream media serves the establishment, those in charge.
  Indigenous people ask the question in greater numbers, for some reason, but in my opinion it is one we all should ask.
  It’s becoming more and more obvious that current human society is making us all commit collective suicide, that those in charge and their servants are encouraging a behavior that is destroying ever more nature, ever more life on Earth, in other words: ever more of what is essential for our very survival.
  This is, or should be a concern for everybody, because everybody is at risk.
  This isn't «just» about a few poisonous factories, about a few ruined forests, about just a little pollution or dangerous food. It is about life on earth ending. Humanity has causes and is causing the Sixth Great Extinction Event, and in doing so eradicating just as many species as the disaster that made the dinosaurs go extinct.
  And that’s just for starters. Ultimately, by doing this, we’re eradicating ourselves.
  And even if by some fluke of cosmic luck we weren't at risk, even if threatening all life on the planet wouldn't put us, too at risk of extinction, we shouldn't be doing it. It’s downright immoral and wrong.
  And even if we survive we’re destroying ourselves spiritually, reducing ourselves to uncaring destroyers. What idiot, what lame suckers want to live like that?
  So, when is enough… enough? At what point do we claim self defense?
  I’m doing it right now, like I did yesterday and the day before that and thirty years ago, when I just started to become aware of how dire the situation has become, how fucked up humanity is. In my eyes everyone should do anything, use absolutely any means at their disposal to fight against the forces ruling current humanity.
  And no, I don’t mean signing a few petitions, or joining a political party to make a few cosmetic changes.
  I mean fighting against the tyranny of civilization, the worst horror that has ever visited mankind and life on Earth.
  It isn't easy. Those in charge have almost all the physical power at their disposal, all the cards in their hands.
  Death, as in extinction holds almost all the cards. The snowball gains ever more momentum as it rolls down the hill. We, as in humanity have dragged ourselves so far through poisonous shit that there is almost no way out anymore. So each of us must fight any way we can, against seemingly insurmountable odds. We must, or there is no hope whatsoever.
  And don’t be fooled to hold yourself back by those eager servants supporting civilization, this tailspin suicide run. Deny the propaganda, like you deny the most vicious and deadly tyranny ever to appear on Earth.
  You know what I am talking about here. You should! Unless you’re nothing but a mindless sheep digging the mass graves of the biggest concentration camp in history.
  Civilization is destroying everything making life worth living. That one sentence alone is, should be sufficient.
  The true line drawn in the sand isn't between those criticizing society and those not doing it, but between those subverting it and the rest.

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Unknown said...

I am afraid Amos, that the answer is never. I fantasize about taking out the corporate destroyers, the "developers"..but even if I were brave enough..as you said ..they have the physical power..and even if revolution succeeded I fear in this country the winners would be the dipshits w/ more guns & few brains & nothing would change (see Egypt). I think civilization is doomed, as it should be..& that current life on earth is also doomed..tho' it shouldn't be.. But I hope that a bright Phoenix will rise from the ashes..

Amos Keppler said...

Well, a lasting revolution seems unlikely at this point, but not impossible, never that. They can only rule as long as we permit them to do so.

And yeah, civilization is indeed and fortunately doomed, but not humanity and not life on Earth. The giant explosion is coming, inevitably. It's just that the longer it takes to ignite the bigger the blow will be. And more life will be destroyed in the meantime.