Monday, February 04, 2013

The Janus Clan - the walkers in shadows

  They are wanderers, traveling the world’s many deep shadows and thick mists.
  The shadows and mists are dissipating. Light is illuminating the darkest dusty corner.
  People of the early twenty-first century (western, christian time-frame) debated passionately what had changed the world. Many events and trends were brought to bear and fiercely discussed.
  The appearance of alien spacecrafts over the world’s major cities in 1987 was given ample attention. So was the manifestation of the Black Dome in New England in 2005.
  But in open and frank and unafraid conversation it quickly emerged that these two admittedly major events were merely two of many.
  Perhaps it was due to individuals or group of individuals, like Ted and Elizabeth Warren, the great lifelike artwork of William Carter Lafayette, the increasingly convincing footage of paranormal activity making its way into public consciousness or something else, mostly unseen incidents at the edge of people’s eyes.
  In the dissipating shadows and mists many more events, albeit smaller had been witnessed and experienced. Many people, independently of each other had been both observers of and participants in such an eye-opening occurrence.
  And people began making the next, logical leap in their reasoning:
  Perhaps the world hadn’t truly changed at all? Perhaps only mainstream humanity’s perception of reality had changed?
  And with that startling, sobering thought everything did.

  The Janus Clan - eleven chapters about the Wild Man in the modern world.
  2.5 million words +/- a bit that in its complete form.
  Five novels have been published so far:

  ShadowWalk - the Janus Clan «companion book», a stand alone story that can be read at any point compared to the others. Reviews Reviews

  Book One - The Defenseless. Review Review
  Book Two - The Slaves
  Book Three - Birds Flying in the Dark
  Book Four - At the End of the Rainbow

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