Friday, February 01, 2013

Piracy saves music, films, books and art in general

  They say piracy kills music, kills movies and so forth, but that is totally false, merely yet another totally false statement from an oppressive society.
  If anything piracy saves music and everything, from the powerful music, movie and publishing industry that has pretty much ruined music, ruined movies and publishing in general for as long as they have existed. All creative activity has been forced into narrow chunks of the cavern for so long, now, that people have forgotten what true, controversial art is like and can be.
  The music, movies, books and all published by established publishing houses have been a disaster for decades. There were a brief period in the late sixties and early seventies where even they felt they had to release controversial and through-provoking stuff, but that period is long gone. I used to think the eighties were a disaster, but that’s nothing compared to the nineties and zeroes and tens. This is what you stooges, you braindead supporters of the oppressive «anti-piracy» laws help sustain? You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  Giving copyright rights to corporations are so wrong, on so many levels that I can hardly begin to address it properly. Personal copyrights should remain. People should have the rights to their own work, but corporations shouldn’t, also because it isn’t their work. Corporations shouldn’t have the rights to bacteria or genetic materials or similar either. It’s all the same insanity, the idea that life can be owned.
  Individual copyright to art should remain. Everything else should go.
  And even individuals shouldn’t have infinite rights to their own work. When they have, say earned about a million dollars on a record, all their rights in that regard, to that copyrighted property should cease. I don’t think such a demand is excessive at all. On the contrary, it should be implemented on a vast scale. How much is enough? I say.
  All encouragement to greed should cease, right now.
  Individual artists should always retain the intellectual property rights to their own art. It just shouldn’t include the endless money flow that some of them enjoy.
  The massive downloading of various illegal materials has reduced the earnings of the established publishing and production-companies, reduced the companies in stature and power. Their total dominance is at an end, and that is such a great thing. They still earn an insane amount of money unfortunately, but their influence is decreasing. Today an underbrush of alternative and individual and smaller creative units are rising all over the world. Anyone can publish and also in part and increasingly so distribute their own material. And that is what is truly bugging the tyrants, the moguls at the top. They’re about to lose control over the information flow, their established right to censor and steer people’s attention. The established publishers still have the existing enormous advertising machine at their disposal, but even that is changing. And desperate as they are, they use their established, but hopefully waning power to force ever more oppressive legislation on the world at large. The propaganda stunt «Piracy is killing music» is an integral part of that.
  Reject it. Reject them, tell them to go fuck themselves and ignore their insane ranting, and enjoy the true art, the true fire of life coming from independent artists, people that haven’t sold out, haven’t sold their most precious inner fire and creative well to the corporate power of this ugly world.
  True artistic freedom is no longer only a word.

  The Pirate Party - the basics
  If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.
  - Thomas Jefferson

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