Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forced, imposed

  School is tiring, draining to the bone even when it is not apparent. And that comes at the top of all the rest of its negative influences.
  We spend ten years of our life at public or private school, of forced, imposed learning, and then «volunteer» one, three, ten years more of our lives there because we have been fooled into believing its worth.
  It’s quite insane.
  I know school might help people later in life, help to better financial circumstances. I knew that even as my last three, added years became the great, fabulous disaster I remember so fondly, even as I was fed up and decided not to take it anymore, even as I deliberately chose another, vastly different path.
  A decision with a few disadvantages, but far more and great advantages. First and foremost it aided me in my quest to become a truly independent human being and everything following that.
  We are told that school is good for us, that it will help us further in life and make us prosperous in body and mind, but like with so much we are told by those in charge it is pure bullshit, lies and deception.
  Right from the start it is ruining a given child’s creativity, inner fire and independence. It doesn't help us, but help the tyranny and its foremost defenders and participants.
  It is basically yet another brainwashing technique, one of the most effective ever. Keep the child, the adolescent and young adult occupied, fill our mind with garbage out, garbage in and make sure we don’t stray from the herd.
  It prepares us for adulthood, yes, but an adulthood designed to fit the oppressive society. It doesn't help us at all to become ourselves, to become human beings. Every class, every curriculum, every lesson, every subject is there to oppress us, to make us better worker robots, better mindless sheep, better fit to serve.
  The Machine needs tiny wheels and needs to ensure that those tiny wheels within wheels don’t become flesh and blood.
  In my opinion, if there is any reason why we are here, any at all it is to learn, but not forced, not imposed. True education is indeed one key to unlock the golden door of freedom, but not this, not this quaint and despicable current version of it. Not school, as we understand it today at all, but truly individual and independent personal self-study, one that may or may not include the occasional tutor chosen by the true student of life.

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