Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beg, steal or borrow

  The law is made by the rich and powerful to benefit the rich and the powerful. Possession, protection of real estate, property and wealth is ninety percent of the law.
  Poor doesn't only have a right but also a duty to steal from the rich. It comes down to extreme self defense again. As long as people are kept in poverty they live less healthy lives. They don’t get enough food and not the right kind of food. Theirs can hardly be called a life at all, but a kind of paltry existence, one where those in charge deliberately keep them down, one hardly reaching above a required minimum of pure survival.
  Of course the poor should steal from the rich, in any way they can.
  This will never be more than a meager stopgap measure, though. Of course not. The right thing to do is to create a society where everyone is truly equal, without anyone having a vast, unfair advantage.
  That means rejecting all current propaganda of those in charge, a propaganda designed to keep people where they are on the social ladder, to make them stay in place, and never attempt to reach out of their circumstances.
  Oppressed people may have joy and variety in their lives in spite of everything (they do), but when you don’t know if you will be able to put food on the table tomorrow that can never be much of a life. If you have children and see them grow sick and die because of starvation and disease, see them fade before your very eyes that is, if possible, even worse.
  No one should be poor or rich, it is that simple. One is one too many.
  Call the necessary change socialism, call it green anarchism, call it whatever you will. I would choose, more than anything else to call it justice, a long time in coming rejection of tyranny.
  While I would be able to accept a slight difference in wealth and income, the parameters would have to be much smaller than they are today. Let us say if the average was $100 000, than no one should have more than $110 000 at their disposal each year, and no less than $90 000.
  Then we are talking something approaching justice.
  No one should have the means to oppress anyone else, and wealthy people have that. Their wealth gives them that very unfair advantage. We see it demonstrated everywhere, constantly. The wealthy steals from the poor all the time. Stupid people admire the wealthy when they give to charity, but the very word «charity» is yet another false distinction among many: It isn't their money to give. Millionaires and billionaires have stolen from us all through endless greed and ruthlessness. They have walked over countless dead bodies to get where they are today. They don’t create wealth, they steal it.
  To state the obvious: people living in poverty, stealing from the rich aren't truly stealing, just compensating a little, a tiny bit for everything that has been taken from them.
  Those in charge can’t rule unless we allow them to do so. Stop allowing them. Wake up, stupid slave and smell the stinking coffee.
  The true line drawn in the sand isn't between those criticizing society and those not doing it, but between those subverting it and the rest.

  PS: All politicians refusing to instantly double the payments to the poor should be forced at gunpoint to live on what the poorest of the poor must make it on for a year, at least a year. They shouldn't be allowed to access their bank accounts, to use their credit cards or anything, except that tiny allowance they claim others can manage on.
  When that year is gone, and if the given politicians are still alive, they might not be so quick to mistreat people anymore.

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