Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forced, imposed

  School is tiring, draining to the bone even when it is not apparent. And that comes at the top of all the rest of its negative influences.
  We spend ten years of our life at public or private school, of forced, imposed learning, and then «volunteer» one, three, ten years more of our lives there because we have been fooled into believing its worth.
  It’s quite insane.
  I know school might help people later in life, help to better financial circumstances. I knew that even as my last three, added years became the great, fabulous disaster I remember so fondly, even as I was fed up and decided not to take it anymore, even as I deliberately chose another, vastly different path.
  A decision with a few disadvantages, but far more and great advantages. First and foremost it aided me in my quest to become a truly independent human being and everything following that.
  We are told that school is good for us, that it will help us further in life and make us prosperous in body and mind, but like with so much we are told by those in charge it is pure bullshit, lies and deception.
  Right from the start it is ruining a given child’s creativity, inner fire and independence. It doesn't help us, but help the tyranny and its foremost defenders and participants.
  It is basically yet another brainwashing technique, one of the most effective ever. Keep the child, the adolescent and young adult occupied, fill our mind with garbage out, garbage in and make sure we don’t stray from the herd.
  It prepares us for adulthood, yes, but an adulthood designed to fit the oppressive society. It doesn't help us at all to become ourselves, to become human beings. Every class, every curriculum, every lesson, every subject is there to oppress us, to make us better worker robots, better mindless sheep, better fit to serve.
  The Machine needs tiny wheels and needs to ensure that those tiny wheels within wheels don’t become flesh and blood.
  In my opinion, if there is any reason why we are here, any at all it is to learn, but not forced, not imposed. True education is indeed one key to unlock the golden door of freedom, but not this, not this quaint and despicable current version of it. Not school, as we understand it today at all, but truly individual and independent personal self-study, one that may or may not include the occasional tutor chosen by the true student of life.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beg, steal or borrow

  The law is made by the rich and powerful to benefit the rich and the powerful. Possession, protection of real estate, property and wealth is ninety percent of the law.
  Poor doesn't only have a right but also a duty to steal from the rich. It comes down to extreme self defense again. As long as people are kept in poverty they live less healthy lives. They don’t get enough food and not the right kind of food. Theirs can hardly be called a life at all, but a kind of paltry existence, one where those in charge deliberately keep them down, one hardly reaching above a required minimum of pure survival.
  Of course the poor should steal from the rich, in any way they can.
  This will never be more than a meager stopgap measure, though. Of course not. The right thing to do is to create a society where everyone is truly equal, without anyone having a vast, unfair advantage.
  That means rejecting all current propaganda of those in charge, a propaganda designed to keep people where they are on the social ladder, to make them stay in place, and never attempt to reach out of their circumstances.
  Oppressed people may have joy and variety in their lives in spite of everything (they do), but when you don’t know if you will be able to put food on the table tomorrow that can never be much of a life. If you have children and see them grow sick and die because of starvation and disease, see them fade before your very eyes that is, if possible, even worse.
  No one should be poor or rich, it is that simple. One is one too many.
  Call the necessary change socialism, call it green anarchism, call it whatever you will. I would choose, more than anything else to call it justice, a long time in coming rejection of tyranny.
  While I would be able to accept a slight difference in wealth and income, the parameters would have to be much smaller than they are today. Let us say if the average was $100 000, than no one should have more than $110 000 at their disposal each year, and no less than $90 000.
  Then we are talking something approaching justice.
  No one should have the means to oppress anyone else, and wealthy people have that. Their wealth gives them that very unfair advantage. We see it demonstrated everywhere, constantly. The wealthy steals from the poor all the time. Stupid people admire the wealthy when they give to charity, but the very word «charity» is yet another false distinction among many: It isn't their money to give. Millionaires and billionaires have stolen from us all through endless greed and ruthlessness. They have walked over countless dead bodies to get where they are today. They don’t create wealth, they steal it.
  To state the obvious: people living in poverty, stealing from the rich aren't truly stealing, just compensating a little, a tiny bit for everything that has been taken from them.
  Those in charge can’t rule unless we allow them to do so. Stop allowing them. Wake up, stupid slave and smell the stinking coffee.
  The true line drawn in the sand isn't between those criticizing society and those not doing it, but between those subverting it and the rest.

  PS: All politicians refusing to instantly double the payments to the poor should be forced at gunpoint to live on what the poorest of the poor must make it on for a year, at least a year. They shouldn't be allowed to access their bank accounts, to use their credit cards or anything, except that tiny allowance they claim others can manage on.
  When that year is gone, and if the given politicians are still alive, they might not be so quick to mistreat people anymore.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Forty years

  On April 28 this year I will have a forty years anniversary as an author. Yes, I started early, on the night when I turned twelve.
  I had written a few bungling short stories as school projects earlier, but that was more duty than need and pleasure, even though the desire to create stories clearly was present. The storyteller was there from the start, but discouraged by everyone it was fading, turning immaterial.
  Then, there it was, the shell-setting event.
  On the night I turned twelve I dreamed the entire Janus Clan story, from start to finish, a beyond vivid dream so very different from everyone I had experienced to that point.
  The next night it repeated itself, even clearer, more detailed. I started jotting down notes, page after page after page. On the third night the dream repeated itself again, and I kept doing the notes.
  I had loved reading from an early age. My father started reading Donald Duck to me when I was two. When I was three I could read it on my own. I started reading novels early, starting out with children’s books, of course, but quickly growing beyond them. The desire to write was there early as well, but, as stated, with no encouragement from my surroundings it didn't really manifest itself.
  But after those three nights of intense dreaming and during the following weeks I knew I wanted to be a writer. It wasn't exactly the bolt of lightning from the blue (or night) I describe here, but more gradual.
  Something that grew stronger, more powerful the older I became.
  But the dream was clearly that before mentioned shell-setting event. My imagination had always been there, rich in content, but not such organized clarity.
  I didn't write much at first, because I didn't really know how. Progress was staggeringly slow. The fact that the story was so extensive, so vast in scope made my inexperience even harder to deal with.
  It was about a group of people suffering from persecution. They walked on and fought on, through snow and rain and flood and strife. There were no cities at first, then there was and then there were many. The story clearly stretched across centuries and millennia. I didn't know where to even begin telling it. I had always been interested in history, both at school and outside, but this was beyond me. At first my entry point was the old west, probably because I had read quite a few westerns, so I had some initial knowledge of the era.
  But it didn't feel right to me, so I quickly abandoned that, and decided to write the story from what was then my present. That first «draft» was about 50 000 words and took me four years to complete. Then, displeased with that bungling version I started again, from scratch. I chose, right from the start to do my own stuff instead of doing establishment propaganda. When I stayed up late at night during high school it wasn't to do homework, but far more interesting and important things.
  There have been some modifications to the original three-night dream, some additions and subtractions, but it is the same story I experienced and envisioned the night I turned twelve. I know more, now, about life and everything than I did then, but the basics remain.
  Forty years. Sometimes during that long and brief time I became a writer, and the Janus Clan came to life. I’m still only halfway through their story, but I’m getting there, and hope for at least forty more years of writing, of course.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  At what point do we claim self defense?
  This argument is raised fairly often among true radicals, in true radical movements, but is practically ignored, like all crucial questions in mainstream media.
  Not so strange that, since mainstream media serves the establishment, those in charge.
  Indigenous people ask the question in greater numbers, for some reason, but in my opinion it is one we all should ask.
  It’s becoming more and more obvious that current human society is making us all commit collective suicide, that those in charge and their servants are encouraging a behavior that is destroying ever more nature, ever more life on Earth, in other words: ever more of what is essential for our very survival.
  This is, or should be a concern for everybody, because everybody is at risk.
  This isn't «just» about a few poisonous factories, about a few ruined forests, about just a little pollution or dangerous food. It is about life on earth ending. Humanity has causes and is causing the Sixth Great Extinction Event, and in doing so eradicating just as many species as the disaster that made the dinosaurs go extinct.
  And that’s just for starters. Ultimately, by doing this, we’re eradicating ourselves.
  And even if by some fluke of cosmic luck we weren't at risk, even if threatening all life on the planet wouldn't put us, too at risk of extinction, we shouldn't be doing it. It’s downright immoral and wrong.
  And even if we survive we’re destroying ourselves spiritually, reducing ourselves to uncaring destroyers. What idiot, what lame suckers want to live like that?
  So, when is enough… enough? At what point do we claim self defense?
  I’m doing it right now, like I did yesterday and the day before that and thirty years ago, when I just started to become aware of how dire the situation has become, how fucked up humanity is. In my eyes everyone should do anything, use absolutely any means at their disposal to fight against the forces ruling current humanity.
  And no, I don’t mean signing a few petitions, or joining a political party to make a few cosmetic changes.
  I mean fighting against the tyranny of civilization, the worst horror that has ever visited mankind and life on Earth.
  It isn't easy. Those in charge have almost all the physical power at their disposal, all the cards in their hands.
  Death, as in extinction holds almost all the cards. The snowball gains ever more momentum as it rolls down the hill. We, as in humanity have dragged ourselves so far through poisonous shit that there is almost no way out anymore. So each of us must fight any way we can, against seemingly insurmountable odds. We must, or there is no hope whatsoever.
  And don’t be fooled to hold yourself back by those eager servants supporting civilization, this tailspin suicide run. Deny the propaganda, like you deny the most vicious and deadly tyranny ever to appear on Earth.
  You know what I am talking about here. You should! Unless you’re nothing but a mindless sheep digging the mass graves of the biggest concentration camp in history.
  Civilization is destroying everything making life worth living. That one sentence alone is, should be sufficient.
  The true line drawn in the sand isn't between those criticizing society and those not doing it, but between those subverting it and the rest.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

The Janus Clan - the walkers in shadows

  They are wanderers, traveling the world’s many deep shadows and thick mists.
  The shadows and mists are dissipating. Light is illuminating the darkest dusty corner.
  People of the early twenty-first century (western, christian time-frame) debated passionately what had changed the world. Many events and trends were brought to bear and fiercely discussed.
  The appearance of alien spacecrafts over the world’s major cities in 1987 was given ample attention. So was the manifestation of the Black Dome in New England in 2005.
  But in open and frank and unafraid conversation it quickly emerged that these two admittedly major events were merely two of many.
  Perhaps it was due to individuals or group of individuals, like Ted and Elizabeth Warren, the great lifelike artwork of William Carter Lafayette, the increasingly convincing footage of paranormal activity making its way into public consciousness or something else, mostly unseen incidents at the edge of people’s eyes.
  In the dissipating shadows and mists many more events, albeit smaller had been witnessed and experienced. Many people, independently of each other had been both observers of and participants in such an eye-opening occurrence.
  And people began making the next, logical leap in their reasoning:
  Perhaps the world hadn’t truly changed at all? Perhaps only mainstream humanity’s perception of reality had changed?
  And with that startling, sobering thought everything did.

  The Janus Clan - eleven chapters about the Wild Man in the modern world.
  2.5 million words +/- a bit that in its complete form.
  Five novels have been published so far:

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Piracy saves music, films, books and art in general

  They say piracy kills music, kills movies and so forth, but that is totally false, merely yet another totally false statement from an oppressive society.
  If anything piracy saves music and everything, from the powerful music, movie and publishing industry that has pretty much ruined music, ruined movies and publishing in general for as long as they have existed. All creative activity has been forced into narrow chunks of the cavern for so long, now, that people have forgotten what true, controversial art is like and can be.
  The music, movies, books and all published by established publishing houses have been a disaster for decades. There were a brief period in the late sixties and early seventies where even they felt they had to release controversial and through-provoking stuff, but that period is long gone. I used to think the eighties were a disaster, but that’s nothing compared to the nineties and zeroes and tens. This is what you stooges, you braindead supporters of the oppressive «anti-piracy» laws help sustain? You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  Giving copyright rights to corporations are so wrong, on so many levels that I can hardly begin to address it properly. Personal copyrights should remain. People should have the rights to their own work, but corporations shouldn’t, also because it isn’t their work. Corporations shouldn’t have the rights to bacteria or genetic materials or similar either. It’s all the same insanity, the idea that life can be owned.
  Individual copyright to art should remain. Everything else should go.
  And even individuals shouldn’t have infinite rights to their own work. When they have, say earned about a million dollars on a record, all their rights in that regard, to that copyrighted property should cease. I don’t think such a demand is excessive at all. On the contrary, it should be implemented on a vast scale. How much is enough? I say.
  All encouragement to greed should cease, right now.
  Individual artists should always retain the intellectual property rights to their own art. It just shouldn’t include the endless money flow that some of them enjoy.
  The massive downloading of various illegal materials has reduced the earnings of the established publishing and production-companies, reduced the companies in stature and power. Their total dominance is at an end, and that is such a great thing. They still earn an insane amount of money unfortunately, but their influence is decreasing. Today an underbrush of alternative and individual and smaller creative units are rising all over the world. Anyone can publish and also in part and increasingly so distribute their own material. And that is what is truly bugging the tyrants, the moguls at the top. They’re about to lose control over the information flow, their established right to censor and steer people’s attention. The established publishers still have the existing enormous advertising machine at their disposal, but even that is changing. And desperate as they are, they use their established, but hopefully waning power to force ever more oppressive legislation on the world at large. The propaganda stunt «Piracy is killing music» is an integral part of that.
  Reject it. Reject them, tell them to go fuck themselves and ignore their insane ranting, and enjoy the true art, the true fire of life coming from independent artists, people that haven’t sold out, haven’t sold their most precious inner fire and creative well to the corporate power of this ugly world.
  True artistic freedom is no longer only a word.

  The Pirate Party - the basics
  If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.
  - Thomas Jefferson