Thursday, January 03, 2013

Twitter in a nut

  Twitter is no enigma, neither is «social media» in general: you just talk to people and want to talk to people. All the fancy talk about it is just that, a method «experts» use to obscure the issue and elevate themselves in the bargain.

  I’m first and foremost interested in encountering fairly like-minded people. That doesn't mean they have to agree with me in everything or even close to everything, but it means they have to be truly independent. Their opinions have to be their own and they have to encourage free speech and expression without exceptions. They can’t be among the way too common tape recorders, people mindlessly repeating the thoughts, words and actions of others.
  Such people are very hard to come by, and few fit that description. Without «perfection» I go for the second and third best and those with some sort of interesting trait or common interest with mine.
  As a general rule I block purely commercial accounts, conservatives, religious people, racists, zionists, self-declared Twitter experts and those eagerly supporting tyranny and censorship. But an absence of these «qualities» isn't sufficient to gain my acceptance. For me to actually follow anyone there must something attracting me when I go through people’s timeline (and I go through all and doing so manually).
  People tweeting lots of quotes will not be followed.
  I unfollow almost every account not following me back. The exceptions are extremely few. People not responding to comments, or at the very least direct questions send a very strong signal that they just don’t want me to follow them. New followers sending auto DM create a very bad first impression.
  Strong, independent opinions don’t scare me or scare me off. On the contrary! They excite me. Swearing is good. Joking/ridiculing religion, too. Controversial people intent on pissing off the establishment and supporters of mainstream society and «morality» are great in my book. Anyone fucking with religion and dogmatic views in general gets my eager support.
  Pagans (not fluffy bunnies), political radicals, activists and anarchists (not libertarians/capitalists professing to be anarchists) are welcomed with open arms.

  I have, as of now 2778 followers, a little miracle in itself...

  One certain way of getting people interested on Twitter is to live an extraordinary life, of course. It pleases me that I’m doing that.

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