Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Pirate Party - the basics

  We founded the local branch of the Norwegian Pirate Party Thursday, and took one more step on the exciting path of our life.
  I've always seen myself as a pirate, onboard ships erupting from hidden coves to attack ships filled with rich and fat prey.
  These are the main basic parts of the Pirate movement as I see it:
  We demand total, yes, demand total transparency in all government and corporate dealings, at all times. We demand the end of all secrecy and clandestine services. There are no true legitimate grounds for their existence and the untold harm they do to mankind.
  We demand total respect for individual privacy, demand the end of all surveillance, the removal of all listening posts, cameras and programs watching and listening in on individuals and groups. Every defense for their existence is either false or wrong.
  1984, Brave New World and other dystopian novels have long since been actualized in our beyond totalitarian local, national and global society.
  I don’t see the Pirate movement as a political party, even though it is, in a formal sense in many countries (we were approved as such Wednesday after collecting 5000 signatures). The reason for this is simple: the Pirate Party doesn't address how to solve all the horrors currently hammering mankind.
  Its basics, described above, however branch out to touch several of those areas.
  Many countries have laws to prevent people from gaining knowledge of pollutants used in companies’ products, for instance, a major problem which total transparency will certainly help to prevent.
  Openness is, in itself a good thing. If people stop believing the bullshit we are fed constantly from public and corporate sources that will inevitably lead to an improved quality of life.
  The belief that a bunch of religious Muslim zealots is out to take us out will probably be rejected by far more people. They might even realize that the very word «terrorism» is a propaganda tool, realize that if that word has any validity at all the true terrorists are those using it the most, like the United States and NATO, and allies, those very people and forces imprisoning and killing people wholesale and with impunity across the globe these days.
  The very deception ruling our modern existence will be less credible.
  Propaganda, as a tool for tyranny will hopefully fade away into insignificance.
  Mighty political lobbyists, like the MPAA will become the laughing stock of mankind they truly are.
  And so on.
  Yes, there is a need for this movement. There is a need for many such movements taking on the modern tyranny of mankind in all shapes or forms.

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