Monday, January 21, 2013

Samples - ShadowWalk

  Samples from my novel:

  It was The Day of The Dead, the day when, according to ancient mythology, people long dead caught up with the present. How appropriate this day, with wreckage and ruins visible as far as the eye could soar.
  And Beyond.
  They came from faraway. From faraway they came.
  One image dominated the view. One single view of chaos incarnated. This was not your ordinary 2.4 kids’ family picture. Oh, no, not at all. It was something thoroughly different.
  The black dome filled the horizon.
  Even from several miles away through the clear, bright air, it was clearly visible, seemingly sucking light from the Sun itself. The two passengers in the helicopter, surrounded by their very own, very nervous honor guard saw that it easily covered what was supposed to be a nice, quiet little town. Not many buildings were visible. Only a few, outside all the black inside. There were supposed to be quite a few of them. In fact this was, had been one of the fastest growing, emerging urban areas in this part of the country.
  There were really no visible shapes on the dome except for the shape itself, a ball cut in half. Nothing more than the black surface, some incidental sparks of half visible, ghostly lightning close to the rim...


  But it was strange still. Heading back to the dorm they walked down Main Street of Old Town or Oldtown. And the feeling of perpetual strangeness prevailed. Jill laughed, laughed out loud, without a single, discernible motivation. And it felt good. She couldn't remember feeling exactly like this before. It dawned on her then, that in that moment she hadn't considered the consequences of her actions, in any way. She had just done what felt... good.

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