Sunday, January 06, 2013

Samples - Dreams Belong to the Night

  Samples from my novel:

  Loud and carefree sounds of joy once again filled the night. They shivered in delight, allowing themselves to be carried away. The boundless lust for life lingered like an echo of the dark within and without. They had their entire attention on her, on themselves.
  – We have opened wide. The vibrant speech changed into what they experienced as both gentle and rough, and they saw no contradiction in that, in that either. – We know that the Dance to Life is perceived as far more powerful in the night, and that’s no coincidence, no mirage. Dreams Belong to the Night.


  Janni… She was Janni, now, Janni of the Green Rose. Her old life didn't exist anymore. Soon she would no longer be a stranger to these people. Soon, she would be a Stranger, like the nineteen other unified members of the Green Rose.
  – We’re here to welcome our latest, rough diamond. Jemma Elvir spoke. – To do our best to make her one of the few, the proud shining jewels in the dark night. Dreams belong to the night.

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