Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Putting out fire with gasoline

  One should, should pour gasoline on the dancing flames, the burning fire, doing it as long as one’s breathing and walking. Light a fire that can never be extinguished. Repeat the feat. Do so many times.
  The animal will express itself, sooner or later, no matter what, and that is a very good thing. The animal doesn’t accept oppression, doesn’t appreciate the cage and neither does the Human Being.
  The fire is always there, like a great presence in human life. Many would prefer that there wasn’t any such thing, but there is, uncompromising and marvelous beyond words. The fire inside is a beyond powerful desire fueling us to do anything, no matter the odds and what stands against us.
  I dance on the pig’s grave tonight, on the grave of all two-legged pigs. I seek deep within the wilderness and the wasteland, far from civilization. It feels right, it feels good. I spit on slack, inhuman thoughts and concerns about morality and ethics, and on mundane people’s lack of a life.
  We know our own value, we know it is there. We know that the flame burning inside… the fire driving us… is worth any pain.
  Those in charge say we should avoid conflict, avoid confrontation in our lives. Of course they say that. They don’t want us to seek conflict with them.
  While they certainly don’t give us the same consideration.
  They are hypocrites and skilled, well skilled deceivers.
  They have fooled «protesters» into playing their game for so very long, now, and very few seem to get it. If you need authority’s permission to protest, you are not truly protesting are you?
  Protesters participating in a given demonstration against upsetting events shall be upset and show themselves to be, and if they are kept from expressing themselves publicly they shouldn’t smile politely to the police, to tyranny’s henchmen. And if those uniforms start striking them with their clubs and shields they shouldn’t just take their punishment like unruly children expecting their wise parents or authority figure to be correct about everything. Today everything that isn’t explicitly legal is forbidden. Tyranny rules by both written and unwritten law. We even need explicit permission to move, to gather and speak our mind. Soon, very soon we will need permission to breathe.

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