Monday, January 28, 2013

Film production and display five years from now

  A basic, brief outline:
  The digital revolution has taken several more steps towards benefiting low-budget production. The big studios are no longer big and possibly gone altogether, unless they pay politicians so much that they outlaw independent filmmaking.
  Most films are shown on the Web and are made by small, truly independent units and without inflated budgets.
  Quality is, on average far above today's level, since there is no imposed style or form or story preference. Censorship is practically unknown, at least on smaller, truly independent outlets. I would guess You Tube and such will still impose «public morals», but there will be plenty of alternatives to them.
  (More than) a bit optimistic, I guess (and there are lots of cards that the oppressive established movie industry can still play to keep it from happening), but here it is.

  Even today what many consider complete professional equipment, from pre to post-production, including Canon 5d Mark 3 is available for about $10 000, and the prices keep falling year by year.

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