Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1984 - The final generation

  Ever more advanced surveillance and control technology is developed and fast, much faster than previously believed.
  Satellites that can see virtually anything on and even below the Earth’s surface are secretly deployed, (and if you think this is «conspiracy theories» shame on you).
  Unmanned drones were first used in «war», but are introduced at an alarming rate into all civil societies on the planet. They’re quickly becoming smaller and more effective and more deadly.
  But bad as this is, don’t think for a moment that this is the end of what the prevailing and quickly worsening tyranny has in store for us. The first chips have already been implanted in small children, with the usual declarations of benevolence all you sheep are so quick to believe.
  When everybody has advanced chips implanted those in charge that will harm us don’t even have to look for us, but just have to push a button, to control, harm or quite simply blow up the individual or individuals in question.
  This is one of several inevitable horrible consequences of advanced technology.
  Don’t you dare claim that you love freedom or desire a society with even a semblance of liberty if you accept this.

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