Monday, January 28, 2013

Film production and display five years from now

  A basic, brief outline:
  The digital revolution has taken several more steps towards benefiting low-budget production. The big studios are no longer big and possibly gone altogether, unless they pay politicians so much that they outlaw independent filmmaking.
  Most films are shown on the Web and are made by small, truly independent units and without inflated budgets.
  Quality is, on average far above today's level, since there is no imposed style or form or story preference. Censorship is practically unknown, at least on smaller, truly independent outlets. I would guess You Tube and such will still impose «public morals», but there will be plenty of alternatives to them.
  (More than) a bit optimistic, I guess (and there are lots of cards that the oppressive established movie industry can still play to keep it from happening), but here it is.

  Even today what many consider complete professional equipment, from pre to post-production, including Canon 5d Mark 3 is available for about $10 000, and the prices keep falling year by year.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Pirate Party - the basics

  We founded the local branch of the Norwegian Pirate Party Thursday, and took one more step on the exciting path of our life.
  I've always seen myself as a pirate, onboard ships erupting from hidden coves to attack ships filled with rich and fat prey.
  These are the main basic parts of the Pirate movement as I see it:
  We demand total, yes, demand total transparency in all government and corporate dealings, at all times. We demand the end of all secrecy and clandestine services. There are no true legitimate grounds for their existence and the untold harm they do to mankind.
  We demand total respect for individual privacy, demand the end of all surveillance, the removal of all listening posts, cameras and programs watching and listening in on individuals and groups. Every defense for their existence is either false or wrong.
  1984, Brave New World and other dystopian novels have long since been actualized in our beyond totalitarian local, national and global society.
  I don’t see the Pirate movement as a political party, even though it is, in a formal sense in many countries (we were approved as such Wednesday after collecting 5000 signatures). The reason for this is simple: the Pirate Party doesn't address how to solve all the horrors currently hammering mankind.
  Its basics, described above, however branch out to touch several of those areas.
  Many countries have laws to prevent people from gaining knowledge of pollutants used in companies’ products, for instance, a major problem which total transparency will certainly help to prevent.
  Openness is, in itself a good thing. If people stop believing the bullshit we are fed constantly from public and corporate sources that will inevitably lead to an improved quality of life.
  The belief that a bunch of religious Muslim zealots is out to take us out will probably be rejected by far more people. They might even realize that the very word «terrorism» is a propaganda tool, realize that if that word has any validity at all the true terrorists are those using it the most, like the United States and NATO, and allies, those very people and forces imprisoning and killing people wholesale and with impunity across the globe these days.
  The very deception ruling our modern existence will be less credible.
  Propaganda, as a tool for tyranny will hopefully fade away into insignificance.
  Mighty political lobbyists, like the MPAA will become the laughing stock of mankind they truly are.
  And so on.
  Yes, there is a need for this movement. There is a need for many such movements taking on the modern tyranny of mankind in all shapes or forms.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Putting out fire with gasoline

  One should, should pour gasoline on the dancing flames, the burning fire, doing it as long as one’s breathing and walking. Light a fire that can never be extinguished. Repeat the feat. Do so many times.
  The animal will express itself, sooner or later, no matter what, and that is a very good thing. The animal doesn’t accept oppression, doesn’t appreciate the cage and neither does the Human Being.
  The fire is always there, like a great presence in human life. Many would prefer that there wasn’t any such thing, but there is, uncompromising and marvelous beyond words. The fire inside is a beyond powerful desire fueling us to do anything, no matter the odds and what stands against us.
  I dance on the pig’s grave tonight, on the grave of all two-legged pigs. I seek deep within the wilderness and the wasteland, far from civilization. It feels right, it feels good. I spit on slack, inhuman thoughts and concerns about morality and ethics, and on mundane people’s lack of a life.
  We know our own value, we know it is there. We know that the flame burning inside… the fire driving us… is worth any pain.
  Those in charge say we should avoid conflict, avoid confrontation in our lives. Of course they say that. They don’t want us to seek conflict with them.
  While they certainly don’t give us the same consideration.
  They are hypocrites and skilled, well skilled deceivers.
  They have fooled «protesters» into playing their game for so very long, now, and very few seem to get it. If you need authority’s permission to protest, you are not truly protesting are you?
  Protesters participating in a given demonstration against upsetting events shall be upset and show themselves to be, and if they are kept from expressing themselves publicly they shouldn’t smile politely to the police, to tyranny’s henchmen. And if those uniforms start striking them with their clubs and shields they shouldn’t just take their punishment like unruly children expecting their wise parents or authority figure to be correct about everything. Today everything that isn’t explicitly legal is forbidden. Tyranny rules by both written and unwritten law. We even need explicit permission to move, to gather and speak our mind. Soon, very soon we will need permission to breathe.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Samples - ShadowWalk

  Samples from my novel:

  It was The Day of The Dead, the day when, according to ancient mythology, people long dead caught up with the present. How appropriate this day, with wreckage and ruins visible as far as the eye could soar.
  And Beyond.
  They came from faraway. From faraway they came.
  One image dominated the view. One single view of chaos incarnated. This was not your ordinary 2.4 kids’ family picture. Oh, no, not at all. It was something thoroughly different.
  The black dome filled the horizon.
  Even from several miles away through the clear, bright air, it was clearly visible, seemingly sucking light from the Sun itself. The two passengers in the helicopter, surrounded by their very own, very nervous honor guard saw that it easily covered what was supposed to be a nice, quiet little town. Not many buildings were visible. Only a few, outside all the black inside. There were supposed to be quite a few of them. In fact this was, had been one of the fastest growing, emerging urban areas in this part of the country.
  There were really no visible shapes on the dome except for the shape itself, a ball cut in half. Nothing more than the black surface, some incidental sparks of half visible, ghostly lightning close to the rim...


  But it was strange still. Heading back to the dorm they walked down Main Street of Old Town or Oldtown. And the feeling of perpetual strangeness prevailed. Jill laughed, laughed out loud, without a single, discernible motivation. And it felt good. She couldn't remember feeling exactly like this before. It dawned on her then, that in that moment she hadn't considered the consequences of her actions, in any way. She had just done what felt... good.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Samples - Dreams Belong to the Night

  Samples from my novel:

  Loud and carefree sounds of joy once again filled the night. They shivered in delight, allowing themselves to be carried away. The boundless lust for life lingered like an echo of the dark within and without. They had their entire attention on her, on themselves.
  – We have opened wide. The vibrant speech changed into what they experienced as both gentle and rough, and they saw no contradiction in that, in that either. – We know that the Dance to Life is perceived as far more powerful in the night, and that’s no coincidence, no mirage. Dreams Belong to the Night.


  Janni… She was Janni, now, Janni of the Green Rose. Her old life didn't exist anymore. Soon she would no longer be a stranger to these people. Soon, she would be a Stranger, like the nineteen other unified members of the Green Rose.
  – We’re here to welcome our latest, rough diamond. Jemma Elvir spoke. – To do our best to make her one of the few, the proud shining jewels in the dark night. Dreams belong to the night.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Twitter in a nut

  Twitter is no enigma, neither is «social media» in general: you just talk to people and want to talk to people. All the fancy talk about it is just that, a method «experts» use to obscure the issue and elevate themselves in the bargain.

  I’m first and foremost interested in encountering fairly like-minded people. That doesn't mean they have to agree with me in everything or even close to everything, but it means they have to be truly independent. Their opinions have to be their own and they have to encourage free speech and expression without exceptions. They can’t be among the way too common tape recorders, people mindlessly repeating the thoughts, words and actions of others.
  Such people are very hard to come by, and few fit that description. Without «perfection» I go for the second and third best and those with some sort of interesting trait or common interest with mine.
  As a general rule I block purely commercial accounts, conservatives, religious people, racists, zionists, self-declared Twitter experts and those eagerly supporting tyranny and censorship. But an absence of these «qualities» isn't sufficient to gain my acceptance. For me to actually follow anyone there must something attracting me when I go through people’s timeline (and I go through all and doing so manually).
  People tweeting lots of quotes will not be followed.
  I unfollow almost every account not following me back. The exceptions are extremely few. People not responding to comments, or at the very least direct questions send a very strong signal that they just don’t want me to follow them. New followers sending auto DM create a very bad first impression.
  Strong, independent opinions don’t scare me or scare me off. On the contrary! They excite me. Swearing is good. Joking/ridiculing religion, too. Controversial people intent on pissing off the establishment and supporters of mainstream society and «morality» are great in my book. Anyone fucking with religion and dogmatic views in general gets my eager support.
  Pagans (not fluffy bunnies), political radicals, activists and anarchists (not libertarians/capitalists professing to be anarchists) are welcomed with open arms.

  I have, as of now 2778 followers, a little miracle in itself...

  One certain way of getting people interested on Twitter is to live an extraordinary life, of course. It pleases me that I’m doing that.

  More on the Midnight Fire blog about the subject:
  An amazing feat - provocation (II)
  Six months

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1984 - The final generation

  Ever more advanced surveillance and control technology is developed and fast, much faster than previously believed.
  Satellites that can see virtually anything on and even below the Earth’s surface are secretly deployed, (and if you think this is «conspiracy theories» shame on you).
  Unmanned drones were first used in «war», but are introduced at an alarming rate into all civil societies on the planet. They’re quickly becoming smaller and more effective and more deadly.
  But bad as this is, don’t think for a moment that this is the end of what the prevailing and quickly worsening tyranny has in store for us. The first chips have already been implanted in small children, with the usual declarations of benevolence all you sheep are so quick to believe.
  When everybody has advanced chips implanted those in charge that will harm us don’t even have to look for us, but just have to push a button, to control, harm or quite simply blow up the individual or individuals in question.
  This is one of several inevitable horrible consequences of advanced technology.
  Don’t you dare claim that you love freedom or desire a society with even a semblance of liberty if you accept this.