Friday, December 21, 2012


  A woman, a man or a creature walks the campfires at night. On the longest night she, he or It brings a gift of the spirit to everybody gathered in the circle.
  On the longest night the Giftbringer appears.
  This is the Winter Solstice, not christmas, not Yule, but a night of celebration and contemplation, not christianity and not christianity light, but an ancient night reaffirming humanity’s inherent place in nature.
  The Giftbringer says her piece, aiding individuals and groups. People seeking him, people he seeks, people seeking their center meet in the shadows of the fire and night of humanity and the world. It speaks of the Hidden World, the extension of what common, current humanity perceives as physical reality.
  The world is One, the Giftbringer hums and burns. There is not one world here and another there. Only people seeking division and alienation claim that. Those of us gathering here tonight know the truth, know it even in the glaring light of day. In the depth of our own spirit we find ourselves, and thereby the world.
  The Giftbringer may be present or It may not. They know he is there, even when he isn’t visible, isn’t noticeable on a conscious level. They feel her inside, as something tangible, as a part of themselves. In a sense she is themselves.
  They leave the campfires and roam the quiet darkness, and they find one more piece of what they have always been looking for, what they may never find.
  They solve the mystery, the mystery lives on.

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