Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  I love being different, not just because it removes me from a cold and indifferent and thoroughly destructive society, but because it makes me feel alive in all meanings of the word.
  What is perceived as important for most people isn't important to me. What is important to me and should be to everybody is hardly perceived as important to anybody these sordid days.
  I don’t care about a nine to five job, a wife, marriage, monogamy, 2.4 kids, a «good reputation», a «career», or anything even remotely associated with a normal life.
  Daily news (hardly news at all) from established media is practically ignored, both because I know them to be outright lies and also because they lack significance, because they are nothing more than deliberate distractions from truth and real life.
  My outlook of the world and life and humanity is completely different from the norm. I mostly see true value in what is beyond precious, what the Machine is destroying wholesale every second of its existence.
  The Machine is society, is civilization. There is only one type of civilization: ours.
  I desire true freedom, not the diluted, four-letter-word version we suffer today.
  In nature, in the Wild of the world and human nature I find myself. I cry out in support for the savage at heart kept in cages. In our inch-deep culture the superficial becomes the important. I reject that!
  Beyond, far beyond the current massive degradation of spirit I see the right life for us, for the Human Beings.
  That is true value to me.

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