Friday, December 28, 2012

Amazing, ground-breaking stuff

  From NASA Science Astrophysics site:

  «It turns out that roughly 70% of the Universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 25%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less than 5% of the Universe. Come to think of it, maybe it shouldn't be called "normal" matter at all, since it is such a small fraction of the Universe».

  Yes, reality is so much more than what current mainstream humanity and current establishment perceive. True deep thinkers and witches and everybody into Magick and true inquiry have always known, experienced and proven that. Science is, as always doing late discoveries of reality.

  More is unknown than is known - far more.

Friday, December 21, 2012


  A woman, a man or a creature walks the campfires at night. On the longest night she, he or It brings a gift of the spirit to everybody gathered in the circle.
  On the longest night the Giftbringer appears.
  This is the Winter Solstice, not christmas, not Yule, but a night of celebration and contemplation, not christianity and not christianity light, but an ancient night reaffirming humanity’s inherent place in nature.
  The Giftbringer says her piece, aiding individuals and groups. People seeking him, people he seeks, people seeking their center meet in the shadows of the fire and night of humanity and the world. It speaks of the Hidden World, the extension of what common, current humanity perceives as physical reality.
  The world is One, the Giftbringer hums and burns. There is not one world here and another there. Only people seeking division and alienation claim that. Those of us gathering here tonight know the truth, know it even in the glaring light of day. In the depth of our own spirit we find ourselves, and thereby the world.
  The Giftbringer may be present or It may not. They know he is there, even when he isn’t visible, isn’t noticeable on a conscious level. They feel her inside, as something tangible, as a part of themselves. In a sense she is themselves.
  They leave the campfires and roam the quiet darkness, and they find one more piece of what they have always been looking for, what they may never find.
  They solve the mystery, the mystery lives on.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The modern condition perfectly illustrated

  The mole I had removed hid a pesky little malignant tumor within itself and Monday I’m going to the hospital to remove even more of the surrounding tissue, all the way to the muscle in an effort to be more safe than sorry. It will take months to heal properly, but they insist it is a necessary precaution. They’re gonna drug me and cut off that large piece of my skin.
  I dislike hospitals quite a bit, not just because they sum up modern medicine in a nutshell, but also because they are centers of disease and death. If I should write a horror story about ghosts I wouldn’t use a cemetery, but a hospital. It isn’t a place I would choose to die, if I could help it, that’s for sure. I would want to die with my boots on. That was a good choice in the old west, and it still is.
  I and a friend brainstormed about something we called health stations some years ago, decentralized, smaller units focusing on the individual human being, not trying to fix people on an assemble line. Hospitals most certainly evolve in the wrong, opposite direction today.
  Haukeland in Bergen is like most modern hospitals, more like a small city than a building, more like a mall or a labyrinth than a place of healing. Just the simple act of finding your way back out is hard as long as you’re still breathing.
  The cause for any cancer is pretty much established: It is environmental factors, various poisons and chemicals, particularly manmade chemicals we are subjected to since birth.
  Additionally malignant mole tumors may stem from us suffering from sunburns during childhood, and that is a sobering thought as well: that something you did or didn't do forty years ago, such innocent acts can lead to such results.
  I am told that the operation on Monday is pretty straightforward routine, and I believe that, even though there are no guarantees, of course, and I know that, too.

  Lastly, in the great morbid corner: The stipulations I have in my deal with the company printing and distributing my books say that their obligation to do that ends with my death (or not that long afterwards), since I will no longer be able to pay my annual fee for keeping the various books in the digital library they provide and since the starting date for each book is spread pretty much across the year the next payment is never that far off. And then the books may never be available anywhere again, except as obscure items at Norwegian university libraries.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  I love being different, not just because it removes me from a cold and indifferent and thoroughly destructive society, but because it makes me feel alive in all meanings of the word.
  What is perceived as important for most people isn't important to me. What is important to me and should be to everybody is hardly perceived as important to anybody these sordid days.
  I don’t care about a nine to five job, a wife, marriage, monogamy, 2.4 kids, a «good reputation», a «career», or anything even remotely associated with a normal life.
  Daily news (hardly news at all) from established media is practically ignored, both because I know them to be outright lies and also because they lack significance, because they are nothing more than deliberate distractions from truth and real life.
  My outlook of the world and life and humanity is completely different from the norm. I mostly see true value in what is beyond precious, what the Machine is destroying wholesale every second of its existence.
  The Machine is society, is civilization. There is only one type of civilization: ours.
  I desire true freedom, not the diluted, four-letter-word version we suffer today.
  In nature, in the Wild of the world and human nature I find myself. I cry out in support for the savage at heart kept in cages. In our inch-deep culture the superficial becomes the important. I reject that!
  Beyond, far beyond the current massive degradation of spirit I see the right life for us, for the Human Beings.
  That is true value to me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas musings 2012 (III)

  I’m convinced civilization will collapse in a violent storm of events soon. This won’t be the end of the world, just the end of civilization, the end days of a horrible system of suffering and destruction.
  This is based on facts, on an easily observed chain of events, not some fantasy either good or bad.
  The massive overpopulation is a factor in itself, of course. The overpopulation issue isn’t overestimated, but grossly underestimated. There are three major reasons beyond that.
  We have the human-created climate change, quickly growing beyond even the boldest projection. The rising sea and increasingly violent and frequent storms will drown and blow away all major human settlements.
  There is the upcoming pandemonium, an inevitable wildfire decease that directly and indirectly will kill many millions of people, making the world-wide pandemic in 1918 look like a hand grenade compared to an atomic bomb.
  Then there is the strain on social relations, long since pushed past the breaking point not yet quite manifested.
  Added to all that is the ongoing poisoning of our bodies, making it more than likely that there will be more mass death and sterility very soon, described in great detail in books like Children of Man. Our food and water, our very surroundings are increasingly unsafe and unhealthy. Nature is fading, life on Earth is dying.
  The three and all the rest will arrive as one, unstoppable force. They are already here.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas musings 2012 (II)

  I don’t believe the world will end on December 21. I’m virtually hundred percent certain that it won’t, and I feel strongly that the very claim that it will is one of the most ridiculous ever stated.
  The Maya calendar theory part of this has long since been thoroughly trashed by many, so I won’t even bother to comment it further
  There are many things aiding me in my total rejection of this shit, but one that is very obvious to me is that most of the probabilities of a disaster rest with the existence of Nibiru, the so called Planet X. While I am convinced that those in charge are hiding a lot from the general population and support several of those claims deemed «conspiracy theories» by general propaganda I feel very confident that quite a few of the thousands of amateur astronomers on Earth would expose such a desperate attempt to hide the truth by now…
  This is also true concerning most of the other obscure astronomical events claimed to be related to this subject.
  Planet X will have to be invisible to stay off humanity’s radar. Hell, it has to be outside our very local dimensional space right now. The bullshit factor in this case is unimaginable high.
  New end of the world dates keep rolling off the assembly line and there don’t seem to be any end to them.

  I’m also rejecting the other part of the December 2012 «prophecy».
  Some people claim that humanity will go through a spiritual transformation on and/or soon after the date in question, one bringing about «a golden age», but there is no sign of this happening, not even with the biggest magnifying glass, not on December 21 or in the foreseeable future. Humanity remains stuck in its own beyond horrible mire and the bullshit factor in this case is just as high as in the other case above. Perhaps there are a few million truly aware people on Earth, perhaps, but that is in no way sufficient to bring about anything even remotely what we’re talking about here.
  The so called New Age movement, a fairly disparate group coming out of the early eighties has some enlightened people, but they can almost be counted on one hand. If you ask me most of them lack even the most basic understanding of reality. The fact that they share such a lack with the vast majority of current humanity doesn't change that.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas musings 2012 (I)

  We shouldn't fear the future, I told myself in a moment of despair yesterday.
  Then I began pondering the issue, thinking it through in considerable more detail and told myself: «hey, wait a minute» and I realized I had been totally off in my rosy red self-encouraging and moment of self-deception earlier.
  We, humanity should clearly fear and even feel contempt for the future, as current and truly likely projections go. Each individual just has to feel some kind of personal optimism, on behalf of himself or herself, no matter how bad it is (and it IS bad) or he or she would have no reason to go on living, but to say that humanity and its individuals has any great future is to close our eyes to the obvious truth: We live in an ever more horrible hell on Earth and it’s mostly one of our own making. Everything, from the increasingly oppressive societies and we filling our own nest with poison enough to kill ourselves countless times is human-related horrors, and those are what I am talking about here, not a random cosmic beyond destructive event.
  Like a good friend of me says: Protect your spirit from contamination. Limit your time with positive people…
  Civilization destroys everything making life worth living. Anybody saying otherwise is either a fool or an eager servant of the forces ruining us all. We live through a collective tailspin suicide run unparalleled in history and delude ourselves into a beyond false sense of living the good life.