Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Truly freedom-hungry people lost again

  Two eager servants of tyranny competed in the US presidential election. Much needed alternatives were rejected once again and all life on Earth is further endangered. Words like equality, freedom and justice are merely more empty phrases.
  Obama couldn’t sustain the excitement from four years ago in this election, for obvious reasons: he has been thoroughly exposed as just yet another establishment stooge.
  I believe firmly that most people voted against Romney, not for Obama. Obama couldn’t even beat an asshole like that soundly. In a world with a minimum of common sense Obama would have won with a landslide. There wouldn’t have been a Republican Party. In a world with a lot of common sense none of them would have been a contender. The Democratic Party would have been small and insignificant.
  And those not voting against Romney, but for Obama were fooled again by bullshit liberal rhetoric and deception. How much longer will they allow themselves to be fucked like this???
  Two parties or block of parties play tennis at any given election, anywhere today. Different players win, but the tennis court remains, and it’s that that got to go.
  The Right Wing Nut Jobs lie about Obama. Others attacking him don’t. Most negative things sane people say about the twice elected president are true, are unequivocal fact.
  As for the victory speech: you hardly hear more bullshit than this, not even in the United States, the foremost nation of bullshit speeches.
  It is somewhat satisfying that all those sick racists have to choke on their vomit some more, but that’s practically the only good thing about last night’s unfortunate event.
  Obama, and others like him, from any established party will never do anything about the true causes of the wrongs of society, never attack the foundation of the thoroughly unjust world, because he, himself is an integrated part of the power structure, the forces perpetuating those wrongs.

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