Sunday, November 25, 2012

The vast dangers of obedience

  We see those very dangers today, demonstrated often.
  A pedestrian stands waiting for the red light to change. There are no cars in sight, but he or she still stands there for minutes, before crossing on green. People are law-abiding and obedient far beyond anything even resembling common sense.
  Most people are merely mindlessly repeating the words and actions of others, echoing the propaganda of their given country or society, very much like a walking flesh and bone tape recorder. That is an astounding horror in itself, but one far worse is that they insist that they have their own opinions and live an independent life and can make that claim with an absolutely straight face and beyond firm conviction.
  There is very little doubt there at all, at least not on the smooth surface they present to the world.
  Go figure.
  There is very little true thought there at all, I’m sad to say, at least not beyond the safe parameters set by the brainwashing.
  It’s quite disconcerting and the dire implications for the given individual, for the world and humanity at large are quite obvious.
  Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.
  The modern human society is oppressive beyond anything previously known and getting worse by the second, and in this horrible process we are turned into obedient, well-behaved little children hardly even raising our voice in a scream of protest, even as the need for protest increases progressively.
  We are taught from an early age, from the cradle to obey, even to police ourselves and the brainwashing has become so effective that very few even question it anymore. This is the best possible society, those in charge tell us and we believe them.
  Concerns are voiced about the increasingly ruined environment, the prevailing injustice and inequality, about the very chances of human survival the coming decades, and the fact that civilization itself is ruining everything making life worth living, but only as pale echoes of what is truly needed, only within the context of current society. Very few of us reject that entire society and everything in it, and that is what’s needed.
  There is very little true artistic freedom, since such expressions of human fire would always be considered an act of rebellion and sedition against any given tyranny.
  Obedience is usually coupled with responsibility. To be a good and loyal citizen is to be responsible, they say.
  If that is responsibility today, I certainly won’t have anything to do with it…
  My loyalty is to far different forces. In my eyes a traitor to a given country or imposed system is a champion of humanity.  The more people who are running around destabilizing the better.
  A society where true freedom reigns would encourage creativity and variety, would embrace true artistic freedom. It wouldn't merely tolerate it, turning each individual into an unruly child expecting to be punished.
  Children would learn to express themselves early on without the countless impediments and trapdoors so prevalent in the current reign, one hostile to all acts threatening its sovereign rule.
  It’s time to rush every single red light placed in front of us by the tyrannical forces ruling our world.


Mark said...

"Very few of us reject that entire society and everything in it, and that is what’s needed." The only way to do this is withdraw completely, or break so many rules you'd be incarcerated inside a week, or leave the country. That's what I'm doing. However, I realize that only accomplishes rejecting one society and accepting another with its own set of mores.

Gråfelder said...

There is a bigger risk of retaliation, but it is rarely instantaneous and might not come at all. The risk is not doing anything.
They want us to police ourselves, to be so scared of our own shadow that we hardly do anything. The potential danger makes it more important than ever to speak up and stand up for ourselves.