Friday, November 16, 2012

Nothing new under the sun - the Zionist century project (I)

  «Israel has the right to defend itself» - Barack Obama.
  Israel has the right to defend itself from those defending themselves against Israel?
  I don’t quite get that one…
  Obama has long since revealed himself as yet another mindless AIPAC shill and confirms it here.
  There have been no major developments since Israel’s last «incursion» into Gaza, its last major massacre there. Israel has merely continued its colonization, occupation and genocide. Gaza has been bombed often. The people there continue to suffer under one of the worst regimes the world has ever seen. Israel is still occupying Gaza, is still very much present there, even though they haven’t had ground forces stationed there for a while. On the West Bank and within Israeli borders Palestinians continue to suffer from that before mentioned beyond oppressive apartheid Zionist regime.
  The indifference of the world at large continues to grant Israel a carte blanche to do whatever it wants.
  The goal of Zionism, founded 1880 is pretty transparent. In 1880 there were 35 000 Jews living within Palestine. 60 years later, through mass migration under what was mostly British rule, that number had increased to almost 500 000 of a total population of 1.6 million. By then the Zionist terrorism had long since started. Through organizations like Stern and Irgun and the unofficial army Haganah the raids on the Palestinian population began. Entire cities and villages were destroyed, a «policy» that has continued to this day and with every Israeli government. In other words, this started long before Holocaust in Europe, the horrible event that has been used to justify the inhuman Zionist actions.
  The Zionists don’t want peace or coexistence with the Palestinians. They want them Gone.

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