Monday, October 15, 2012

The Potential Power of We

  This is my contribution to Blog Day 2012.

  Of course the people, the 99 percent have power, at least potentially. The extensive tyranny of modern society couldn't work without us. We can say NO at any time. It’s just that we, most of us choose to relinquish our power, our right and duty to freedom and happiness. We are fooled by relentless propaganda to believe we live in the best possible society and to reject true alternatives.
  Most people become mindless drones for the pervasive tyranny existing all over the world today. They become eager servants for those in charge, hardly ever questioning accepted truths, become hardly more than tape recorders doing nothing but dully repeating the words and actions of others, even fooled into working against their own interests.
  No one is more enslaved than those falsely convinced they are free. We see that a lot today, see it practically everywhere, in all countries. There is no place today where true freedom reigns, no place not dominated by illusion and effective propaganda.
  We see easily how democracy is the slickest tyranny in history, how it fools people into believing that voting in any given country gives them a voice.
  Established media always presents the establishment’s views. Take any major headline and subsequent article or broadcast today, take a look beyond your bias, and you will see how it serves those in charge, against us.
  When you cry for a criminal’s blood, you serve those in charge. The law is made by those in charge, to serve those in charge. Its purpose is to protect those who have, against those who haven’t. Property/wealth is theft. It is self-evident, really, at least it should be. If you fail to see that, you’re deluded beyond words.
  The masters lie to you, deceive you all the time, sometimes in very clever ways even lying by telling the truth or part of it, in order to suit their purpose.
  Their weapons are religion, politics, sponsored violence and regimentation. Disregard that and all truths you see as self-evident and you will begin to see the truth beyond the thick fog of illusion, everything clouding our mind today.
  And then, alone and by joining up with others like you, you have true power and will be willing and able to effect true change in the world.

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Unknown said...

"When you cry fir a criminals blood, you serve those in charge" Hence the staggering number of cop/lawyervTV shows.. Of course many are not deluded, just afraid..

Amos Keppler said...

Yes, those TV-shows and films, aside from being badly written are meant to support the propaganda of the wealthy, of course. I stopped reading/watching such shit years ago.

Yes, fear is the key. They blame a poor man or woman in rags instead of the true culprit. Like I write in one of my poems: "who is guilty when a poor man breaks into a rich man's home"? The rich steal from the poor all the time and they are rewarded for it, not punished. We live in an inverted Robin Hood society, where the wealthy and powerful use vacuum cleaners to suck money and resources from the poor masses. And the effective propaganda fools poor into taking it out at each other.

And thank you for being the first responding to my call for comments :)