Sunday, October 07, 2012

Author’s word: At the End of the Rainbow

  This is the fourth book in the Janus Clan series. Even though only seconds have passed in the actual story from the third book, there is an almost twenty-year gap between the writing, from I ended Birds Flying in the Dark to the start of this one.
  It feels strange and pretty amazing.
  From 1986 to 2005 I wrote other books and did other things. As I've related elsewhere I saw no point in continuing on book four when no publisher would touch the first three. But the Janus Clan never left my thoughts. I kept writing the story in my head, like I do all stories, a story that I had first conceived of as a teenager doing a rather futile movie-project.
  In other words: this story waited thirty years to be written.
  All the original elements are there, fleshed out a bit, slightly altered, clearly matured, but basically the same tale I had envisioned.
  It is a journey, one across the United States and parts of South America, one I did in real life in 2002 and 2003, doing both further research and feeling alive beyond excitement and joy in the bargain. I made the journey because of the story. The story became even more what it was because of the journey.
  The Janus Clan is travelers, taking themselves across the Earth and the human mind, time and space of humanity.
  I walk in their footprints. They walk in mine.
  With this book we’re almost halfway through their story.
  I feel very good about this, indescribably good.
  This is my second longest novel (182 000 words). It was what was needed to tell the story in full. There will always be doubt whether or not it should have been even longer, especially the ending, but this is what I ended up with. I spent two years reading and rereading the novel after its completion, as I usually do before publication, taking my time as always.
  An established publisher and its «professional editor» would have asked me to trim it, of course, but I always end up with more than I started out with, not less.
  I'm also even more than usual pleased with the cover this time, as I'm obviously getting better in both photography and electronic darkroom tinkering.

  It’s the tenth book I am publishing in little more than two years and the last so far I've completed that is ready for publication. I will probably not release any new novels in 2013 and the next Janus Clan book is far off, unless I suddenly can afford that before-mentioned skilled and fast-typing personal secretary.
  Even so, the last two years still feel like a dream to me, in many ways and definitely like a dream come true, an ongoing celebration I can savor and enjoy beyond words.
  And my stories take time doing, inevitably. I know I might have a hard time completing all the books in the series in this lifetime, but I will do my very best.

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