Monday, October 15, 2012

The Potential Power of We

  This is my contribution to Blog Day 2012.

  Of course the people, the 99 percent have power, at least potentially. The extensive tyranny of modern society couldn't work without us. We can say NO at any time. It’s just that we, most of us choose to relinquish our power, our right and duty to freedom and happiness. We are fooled by relentless propaganda to believe we live in the best possible society and to reject true alternatives.
  Most people become mindless drones for the pervasive tyranny existing all over the world today. They become eager servants for those in charge, hardly ever questioning accepted truths, become hardly more than tape recorders doing nothing but dully repeating the words and actions of others, even fooled into working against their own interests.
  No one is more enslaved than those falsely convinced they are free. We see that a lot today, see it practically everywhere, in all countries. There is no place today where true freedom reigns, no place not dominated by illusion and effective propaganda.
  We see easily how democracy is the slickest tyranny in history, how it fools people into believing that voting in any given country gives them a voice.
  Established media always presents the establishment’s views. Take any major headline and subsequent article or broadcast today, take a look beyond your bias, and you will see how it serves those in charge, against us.
  When you cry for a criminal’s blood, you serve those in charge. The law is made by those in charge, to serve those in charge. Its purpose is to protect those who have, against those who haven’t. Property/wealth is theft. It is self-evident, really, at least it should be. If you fail to see that, you’re deluded beyond words.
  The masters lie to you, deceive you all the time, sometimes in very clever ways even lying by telling the truth or part of it, in order to suit their purpose.
  Their weapons are religion, politics, sponsored violence and regimentation. Disregard that and all truths you see as self-evident and you will begin to see the truth beyond the thick fog of illusion, everything clouding our mind today.
  And then, alone and by joining up with others like you, you have true power and will be willing and able to effect true change in the world.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to become a truly mobile human being (III of IV) - a steep slope called Death

  Once upon a time there was a steep slope I called Death, because I was/felt more than half dead before I was halfway to the top, even just doing normal walking. It went from sea level to two hundred meters above it. The few and short flat parts of it didn't give anything even remotely close to anything resembling a break long enough to deal with the steep, ongoing rise. It took me more than an hour, with several prolonged breaks to reach the top, and finally being able to «enjoy» what would probably have been a great view if I hadn't suffered from the itching sweat in my sore eyes.
  When I started with pushups, I could do three, to be kind. The truth is that I could hardly do one, could hardly push my body up from the floor in a technically correct way at all.
  And there are quite a few other examples of my lack of incentives to become a truly mobile human being. I sweat a lot and always will, no matter the shape. The trip through the forest, with lots of flies, mosquito, vipers and more turned even more unpleasant by the fact that I had to dry my eyes and forehead every tenth second or so. So I did the only sensible thing: I made myself a headband of old bed sheets (these days I buy my headbands, bands made of material absorbing humidity). That small thing was actually an important factor in my progress, encouraging me further to stumble through the forest with sore throat and burning lungs for months and years… until I, as stated increased my speed and muscle mass significantly, and my resting heart rate went far down.
  I procured good running shoes, a necessary act to prevent easy injury, as my activity level went way up, and I discovered the pleasures of running flat out on the highway and in the wilderness both.
  And Death became a challenge instead of an obstruction. The minor nuisances I mentioned didn't go away, but they became insignificant. Life itself became a joyful challenge and not a nuisance. I was able to do what I did because of the strength and willpower I hadn't realized I possessed. As stated, this isn't just about physical exercise, but about everything. I started running during my ascension of Death, initially at the fairly flat parts, and then, after a while of hardship at the merciless, steepest parts. Eventually I could ascend Death without becoming truly breathless at all, unless I kept pushing myself the same way I did everywhere, and pushed myself so hard that I had to crawl the last few meters to the top. And no matter, it didn't take me long to regain my breath, to catch myself and to keep going.
  It was an amazing, indescribable moment, only beaten my many similar moments of amazing progression in the months to come.
  When I was at my best I could ascend Death in fifteen minutes or less, of a more or less ongoing, perpetual run. And by then I had long since realized that sweating is healthy, that a human being is supposed to sweat, is supposed to feel the burning in the throat and the lungs and the legs and the arms.
  I did 150 pushups in intervals of three at the most and the only break I had from that was the same numbers of sit-ups or a variety of other types of exercise on the floor at home. Eventually I could sit on the floor and push my entire body up from it like an Olympic gymnast. Among a number of amazing developments that felt like one of the most amazing.
  And something I couldn't even imagine early in the process related here.


  When I could do this my claim is that everyone can. I started on such a low note. The first twenty years of my life, except for lots of swimming during the summer, what little summer there was in that area then I hardly moved around at all, until I finally (trumpets) discovered the joy of being a truly mobile human being.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Author’s word: At the End of the Rainbow

  This is the fourth book in the Janus Clan series. Even though only seconds have passed in the actual story from the third book, there is an almost twenty-year gap between the writing, from I ended Birds Flying in the Dark to the start of this one.
  It feels strange and pretty amazing.
  From 1986 to 2005 I wrote other books and did other things. As I've related elsewhere I saw no point in continuing on book four when no publisher would touch the first three. But the Janus Clan never left my thoughts. I kept writing the story in my head, like I do all stories, a story that I had first conceived of as a teenager doing a rather futile movie-project.
  In other words: this story waited thirty years to be written.
  All the original elements are there, fleshed out a bit, slightly altered, clearly matured, but basically the same tale I had envisioned.
  It is a journey, one across the United States and parts of South America, one I did in real life in 2002 and 2003, doing both further research and feeling alive beyond excitement and joy in the bargain. I made the journey because of the story. The story became even more what it was because of the journey.
  The Janus Clan is travelers, taking themselves across the Earth and the human mind, time and space of humanity.
  I walk in their footprints. They walk in mine.
  With this book we’re almost halfway through their story.
  I feel very good about this, indescribably good.
  This is my second longest novel (182 000 words). It was what was needed to tell the story in full. There will always be doubt whether or not it should have been even longer, especially the ending, but this is what I ended up with. I spent two years reading and rereading the novel after its completion, as I usually do before publication, taking my time as always.
  An established publisher and its «professional editor» would have asked me to trim it, of course, but I always end up with more than I started out with, not less.
  I'm also even more than usual pleased with the cover this time, as I'm obviously getting better in both photography and electronic darkroom tinkering.

  It’s the tenth book I am publishing in little more than two years and the last so far I've completed that is ready for publication. I will probably not release any new novels in 2013 and the next Janus Clan book is far off, unless I suddenly can afford that before-mentioned skilled and fast-typing personal secretary.
  Even so, the last two years still feel like a dream to me, in many ways and definitely like a dream come true, an ongoing celebration I can savor and enjoy beyond words.
  And my stories take time doing, inevitably. I know I might have a hard time completing all the books in the series in this lifetime, but I will do my very best.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The false Obama quandary

  It isn’t really a quandary at all.
  This is written as a response to the upcoming US-election, but is valid in all countries, a text four years in the making.
  Stay with me, I will do it step by step.
  The only somewhat valid argument to vote for Obama and the Democratic Party is if you see them as a lesser of two evils, and see the Republican Party as a vast evil that must be vanquished, as illustrated by this quote from Paul Krugman:

  «The Democrats may not be the party of your dreams, but Republicans are certainly the party of your nightmares».

  And he has a point. It is a very astute and not completely wrong reflection of the false quandary that one…
  I would say he is basically correct, in a limited way. The Democrats are bad, true, but they aren’t insane, aren’t a bunch of intolerant, ignorant assholes and zealots bent on making modern society even worse, even more horrible than it already is.
  But Krugman’s quote, seen in a larger, necessary context is certainly inherently wrong, based on one of the worst off-track assumptions alive today: namely that there are no alternatives.
  I have followed Obama from he declared his candidacy over four years ago and to this day. There was a certain freshness to him at first, or there seemed to be. His focus on change, even radical change certainly appealed to me, in spite of my grave misgivings about the entire political process as it is practiced today. When I heard him speak about change I interpreted that as far more than a mere rejection of the Bush years. Boy, was I wrong.
  His rhetoric was pretty common, the «greatness of America» and such shit, and the usual war drums. But I figured he had to speak like that to not distance himself from mainstream voters. He sounded honest, or at least like a liberal/progressive that truly meant what he said and wanted to go a step beyond the usual liberal trappings.
  I, a long time non-voter and green anarchist was at least partly fooled. This guy is slick and thereby twice dangerous to any true freedom-hungry human being. What he revealed himself to be after he became president was a typical mainstream neo-liberal, AIPAC-shill and almost moderate republican. He didn’t close Guantanamo, he keep repeating that he is a friend of Israel, he and the Democratic Party has voted for, kept, even instigated even more oppressive laws (NDAA, Patriot Act, and far more), the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, the US world-wide aggression, military and otherwise continues unabated. If the few things he has done that is fairly right is sufficient to satisfy those who are still his supporters, they don’t demand much. Anyone explaining away his actions or lack or thereof as a result of lacking support in Congress is closing their eyes to the evidence. Obama has (like Mitt Romney) ties to Monsanto, to Wall Street and has done little or nothing with the grave environmental destruction ravaging our world and all life on the planet. His administration has, in an attempt to silence the Occupy movement orchestrated an increase in police brutality across the nation to pale that of any other area. And so on. He isn’t even remotely close to fulfill his promise of true change, and that was never the intention either. If you believe that I have a piece of real estate in the desert (without oil) to sell you.
  He has, at least temporarily made the word «change» a fake word, just like he, himself is fake.
  And any president or elected leader of a given country is just a janitor, an administrator without true power taking orders from those truly in charge anyway.
  It is a good thing, a step in the right direction that there has been a black president (or one with one white and one black parent). The «critique» (harassment) from the political right is certainly based on the fact that racism is pretty much enshrined in United States’ society.
  But ultimately none of that matters, because the deeds of the man are what’s wrong and lacking, no matter the color of his skin.
  I don’t need to bore you with the details. They are obvious and undeniable. In a sane world Mitt Romney wouldn't have been a contender at all and Obama would have been without changes of winning.
  So, we’re back at the start: The Republican Party is an insane and eager force of support for the forces of tyranny ruling the United States and the world, the Democratic Party slightly less so. What to do?
  As stated, some people make a case of support for the lesser evil, for allowing the Democratic Party to exist and keep fucking up life even more because the Republican Party, if given free reign will go totally off the bend and ruin even more of what is still good about this world, and that motion isn't totally without merit.
  But ultimately flawed. At best it is passive voting/«action», acting against something, instead of in favor of something. At worst it is far worse. One can argue that the Republican Party is so bad that they must be stopped and marginalized (and they are and they must be), but one can make that case at every election. And people have, and so effective has that argument been that it has stopped any true debate of how to proceed, how to make humanity’s future. It’s a scare tactic, to be blunt, one basically made and supported by those in charge, by the forces behind both major parties, in order to quell true resistance and action, to strangle it in its inception.
  So, what are the alternatives? Certainly not Ron Paul and the libertarians. They are capitalists, accepting wealthy people and the market, and thereby the existence of powerful people exerting their undue influence over others. There is far more I could say about them, but again: their flaws are obvious. They don’t truly want to change society in dramatic ways either, and the changes they do want to make are mostly for the worse.
  The Green Party is pointing to itself, really, for many reasons, most of them obvious. It, by its very nature and conception is critical to the forces of industry ruining this world. Its members have a different focus, inevitably. The slogan «people before profit and property» sits well with them.
  Yes, I know, by my study of local state legislation and election rules that new and small parties have an even slimmer change of succeeding. Both the Repubs and the Dems have seen to that, in perfect union. But the struggle has to start at some point and we are all overdue for that to happen and for it to take off like a rocket. It should have happened at a distant yesterday.
  But as stated: I don’t believe in democracy. I am convinced it is the slickest tyranny in history because it gives people the illusion of participation, of being a part of the decision-making. Selecting new and even presumably good people and groups of people for government is ultimately useless without also changing the fundamental structures of society. No matter who wins the election and becomes president and majority party in the United States in November the empire will prevail, and before Jill Stein and the Green Party, or anyone is big enough to make the necessary sweeping changes they, too will be corrupted by the system, like Obama and countless other idealists and initial agents of change have been. I have written in detail about how that can befall even the strongest person, how he or she slowly becomes as bad as people they decades ago despised.
  So, the Green Party and others may work as an intermediary force towards a more enlightened society, but it isn't very likely, also when considering other green party’s history in other countries. If you absolutely feel compelled to vote, vote Green, but don’t be content with leaving it to them. Take part in the Change, be ready to move beyond them the moment you catch up with them, and leave the baggage of the past, the horrors of nationalism, religion, bias, conservatism, the market, ignorance and intolerance on the garbage heap where it belongs.
  United States is shit, like any other country in the world. If United States and every other state and power structure on the face of the Earth vanish like smoke, it is a very good thing.
  Many claim that you give your voice away by not voting, but I say it’s the other way around. Voting is apathy.
  Almost everything that has happened and been «discussed» during this campaign (like during virtually all campaigns) is more or less totally meaningless and irrelevant compared to humanity’s dire circumstances.
  Obama did fool me, not in the sense that I ever believed he was the right man, but by softening my resistance to tyranny’s propaganda, but fortunately even my minor delusion was only temporary. When people make excuses for the current janitor it reminds me very much of clever bookkeeping.
  What should happen is that people form truly autonomous communities all over the world, where they reject both central and local government and the market and all power structures anywhere and keep fighting back no matter how hard the forces ruling the world lean on them. That is the right way to go, a major first step towards a society with true freedom and equality, one where people can live and thrive and not be the puppets of anyone, one where people, by necessity and desire wouldn't destroy the foundation for their own survival and happiness.