Thursday, September 27, 2012

The obvious horrors of traditional fiction

  Traditional Fantasy, from the grossly overrated Lord of the Rings and forward has been about the defense of the kingdom, the realm from the forces attacking it. It’s the unexciting good versus evil theme taken to the extreme. All those stories are clearly designed to serve the established order. They follow a formula that rarely is broken or deviated from.
  The genre, with its exclusion of mature and adult themes, of raunchy sex and explicit violence has been popular among children (and their parents), fucking them up and mind-wiping them at an early age, just like religion does.
  In recent years, though more and more writers do deviate from it and loud voices condemn them. Many are angry at Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, for instance, stating with absolute conviction that it isn’t «true fantasy», isn’t «family friendly».
  It’s pretty much the same with traditional fiction and writing and art in general. Crime stories focus on exposing the «criminal», the individual or group of individuals threatening the «good life». Horror stories usually focus on the «invader», the stranger menacing «good people». The vast majority of all art ever done is a more or less disguised defense of property, of established society and its power structures.
  The list is long and sordid.
  Fortunately there are those among us not buying such blatant propaganda and try to do better, a lot better.

  Censorship, disguised and overt is blatant today. Tyranny has always blamed radical and controversial art for everything that is wrong in the world, especially in times of unrest, a fairly successful tactic diverting people from the truth, fooling them into not blaming the true culprits.
  You say you don’t want political fiction? But you get that all the time, when you’re reading all those yawning stories about normalcy and an average life. That you fail completely in realizing that fact doesn’t make them less political, only very successful propaganda.
  Music, film, books and stuff, «entertainment» in general is designed to put you to sleep. Advertising isn’t only about selling a given product, but far more a particular high-consumer, mindless lifestyle.
  Why is the world filled with silly love songs? That one is easy: those in charge want it that way.

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