Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wikileaks (II)

  To state the obvious, or what should be obvious: This isn’t only about Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks. It’s about all of us being victims of a beyond oppressive Machine, increasingly subjugating every single individual and strain of freedom on Earth. When the dog on a leash, United Kingdom and its master, the United States and the forces behind them both go after Julian Assange with a zeal beyond sanity, it’s merely one more step in their ongoing attempt at enslaving us all.
  This is no bull, no exaggeration, but an ever more evident fact of life in the twenty-first century.
  The case has, among many things yet again exposed the alliance between the liberals and the conservatives. This is nothing new. Warmongering liberals have always eagerly aligned themselves with the tyranny of the world.
  Many closed caskets have been ripped open recently and it’s a pleasure to behold.
  The established media as the establishment’s loyal dog is once more exposed and illustrated in full.
  I wasn’t sure, not hundred percent about Assange earlier, but now it should be clear to everybody that he was railroaded, was set up in Sweden so the United States could get their hands on him. The totally overblown reaction from the British government makes that more than clear. It does indeed make it obvious. The hypocrisy of the western democracies, of NATO and the forces behind them stand revealed for all the world to see. I don’t agree with his libertarian political view at all, but that is totally beside the point at this stage.
  One man, just a few people, such a tiny group and they make the world’s only hyperpower go totally bananas. It’s quite revealing. More than anything it reveals the mindset those in charge have, how they see any opposition to their rule.
  What is happening to Assange, Manning and several others in this case is an «excellent» reenactment of The Trial by Franz Kafka. The point with that story is that it is the process that is the punishment, not merely the final judgment.
  One man and a tiny group of men have managed to achieve a preliminary stalemate with the forces ruling the world. It is amazing and feels strangely encouraging actually. It isn’t exactly pleasant for Assange and certainly not for Manning and others already confined in hidden places. But if such a tiny group can do so much, what can all the rest of us do, alone and together?
  The threat to Assange persists, even if he should reach Ecuador. Organizations like CIA have a long history of kidnapping people and imprison them in dark holes around the world. We must all keep up the support and vigilance.
  And let’s not forget: many other victims of government harassment, intimidation, kidnapping and imprisonment don’t even have Assange’s advantage of fame and public scrutiny of their case. We should step up our vigilance a thousand-fold and make sure that those in charge lose their power forever.
  And Wikileaks should release all their documents, unconditionally.
  I don’t care if it hurts the US «war effort» or the United States in general. In fact I would be pleased if it did. Why shouldn’t we all do our best to hurt one of the most aggressive empires in history?

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