Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The dead children of the graveyard Earth

  I was tortured during my childhood. That torture exists within my core consciousness, always and forever. It is a defining experience.
  It wasn't overt, at least not in a way we understand as overt today, wasn't physical. People didn't spank me or stick an electric prod at my skin or anything like that.
  My parents weren’t bad, weren’t bad at all, but they were a product of their time and society, and didn’t truly understand why I disliked, dislike it so much.
  The torture was, is that of the mind, what every child in the present day society grows up with. We are all being tortured, practically from the cradle, forced to become something robot-like, inhuman.
  Religion oppresses us and so do its echoes. Even in the so called humanist groups there is the festering presence of religion.
  Science is aiding in the process of stifling true inquiry, is hardly more than one more part of the big wheel aiding the big Machine strangling us all.
  Every child growing up today is forced into a more or less joyless and trite existence contrary to their true instincts and yearnings. That’s how current human society is organized. Life, fire and the human being are held in check by a thousand strains of a web slowly becoming chains, and the noose is tightening. For each new generation the methods of subjugation, of behavior control become more effective. Most adults, teenagers and even young children stumble around in a daze, an unending haze of stupor and imposed limitations. We all become, to a certain degree a part of the giant echo chamber. Only a few manage, in spite of the prevalent tyranny to liberate themselves from their upbringing and not in any numbers even remotely sufficient to make any difference.
  Humanity is, in effect committing collective suicide, both mentally and physically.
  There is an urgent, immediate need for dramatic changes. We have no more time to lose.
  Are we even human anymore or merely pretenders to that ancient badge of honor?


Renee Hendricks said...

The thing to keep in mind is that these things go in cycles. Right now we're in a cycle of more non-believers than ever before. The children born of non-believers are passing on this lack of faith and shedding a brilliant light on logic, skepticism, and questioning of those who feel faith in an entity that can't be proven.

Aphrodite said...

All we can hope for is that enough people start waking up and cause a wave that will increase in mass and intensity. But how far away that is...who knows.

Personally, I feel stuck as far as what to do, other than continue with my own awakening...and then help others awaken once I am at a place to do so.