Friday, August 24, 2012


  To state the obvious, or what should be obvious: Mainstream books, like mainstream anything are brainwashing you, putting you to sleep. Every line and between-line is confirming the establishment’s imposition on your impressionable mind. What you are basically reading when you purchase a book from established publishers is a sanitization of truth, a beyond narrow view of the world and mankind, reinforcing thoughts already put in your head a thousand times during your childhood and adolescence.
  My books or my anything don’t. It’s opening the mind to new possibilities, both frightening and exhilarating, frightening because they speak in a frank and direct and open manner about the horrors of the world, exhilarating because they speak the language of fire and shadow and unbound freedom.
  Some parts slam the doors of perception wide open, others do it in more subtle ways. While most books shimmer with loyalty to authority and tyranny mine are seething with rebellion and a mindset critical of any oppression and imposed reality. Those enjoying the books will enjoy them at least twice as much because of their depths, the deeper layers and subtext. I have always focused on the story and will keep doing that, but I always knew my passionate desire for true freedom and variety and equality and justice would show. I just didn’t know or realize to what fabulous extent. It’s an added pleasure every time I reread them.
  I love how practically every line or paragraph encourages subversive thought, how the story is filled with both philosophical debate and undiluted description of reality. When I started out long ago I set out to make my work different, radically different, in both form and content and not the least focus. I know, just by reading a given, random paragraph that I have succeeded as a writer and artist and human being, and it feels great beyond words.
  Yes, I know, no artist can ever be objective about his or her work, but screw that. This feels right, for me, beyond conviction and certainty. The stories have turned out to be exactly that force of savagery and Life I imagined and wanted them to become. I love what I do and know that I will always do it, for as long as I breathe and Live.

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