Sunday, July 22, 2012

Your Own Fate - an alternative description

  Nothing makes sense. Not to Jeremy Zahn, former lieutenant with the London Metropolitan police, not to Janet Caldwell, lieutenant with the Los Angeles Police Department or to anyone in their circles. They struggle in vain to fathom what’s going on, and they’re not alone.
  Timothy Joyce is an enigma, a man without a past, appearing from nowhere, to go on a rampage in an astonished, stunned, baffled and frightened world.
  Los Angeles is a city on the brink, brought to its knees only a few days and nights after the Chaos-bringer’s arrival. The entire world has previously felt his power and the entire world is watching, its people shivering in their shrunken, frozen hearts.
  Jeremy Zahn doesn’t know what will happen. But he knows the end is near, knows that this is the end of the long, exhaustive hunt, the end of the total insanity that has ruled his life the last three years… knows that very soon now everything will finally make sense.

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