Monday, July 02, 2012

The Watchers

  In the eighteenth century Jeremy Bentham, in discussions with the British government proposed something that has become known as a Panopticon, prisons and quite a few other places where guards and others can watch people without being seen.
  The guards may sit in a tower, or in front of a surveillance monitor, or they may not. Those watched don’t know and have no way of knowing if they are being watched or not, and that’s the entire idea, the insane genius and purpose behind it all. The purpose isn’t merely or necessarily to incarcerate people physically, but also mentally, to practically train them to police themselves. It is that ingenious.
  Bentham supported several daring and good causes like social rights for women and workers and animal liberation, but at heart he was clearly an authoritarian, a servant of Law and Order. Ironically, at least in public, he saw his idea as being in the public’s interest, a false, dishonest view echoed by its current proponents.
  Today, where direct and indirect surveillance is abundant and increases beyond any sane approach we see its true form and practical use unfold. We see the ultimate goal of those in charge, of the machine and its eager servants, a goal nothing short of making the entire world a prison.
  United Kingdom and the United States, with its massive old and new surveillance and anti-terror legislation are the pioneers and the rest of the world follows suit, and as always it is sold as a beneficial system serving the public, while it, in truth is a beyond sinister system wanting nothing short of total control of every single individual within its reach.
  It’s time to say NO to this, and to the hypocrites and liars and schemers selling it to us as anything even remotely beneficial.

  Btw, if you write this off as the run of the mill «conspiracy theory» or if you shrug and say this has nothing to do with you and don’t see or don’t want to see the danger of it I truly pity you, since that would prove beyond doubt that you have the awareness of a stuffed goat and certainly aren’t concerned, in any way with your own freedom or welfare or well-being.

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