Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keep the death threats coming, cultists

 I watched The Dark Knight Rises, unfortunately. I told myself that I wouldn't, that I wouldn't even download it and watch it for free, something I consider the ultimate insult. But a friend dragged me in. The reason I wouldn't watch it was that I hated TDK. I kind of enjoyed BB until Wayne put on the mask, but from then on the entire story has been unimpressive and just bad, bad storytelling.
 One reason I was persuaded to watch it was the pre-release photograph of Selina Kyle in prison uniform, but that was a bust, too.
 Christopher Nolan remains one of the most overrated directors alive today.
 So, I suppose the many fanatical fans would want to strangle me slowly.
 I can live with that.
 dull dull dull
 The emperor, in short has no clothes.

 Yes, there have actually been issued death threats against reviewers telling people what a bad film this is. That, and the event at the cinema theater in Colorado don't make me like it more, that's for sure.

 It's just a travesty that TDK earned the production company and MPAA lots of funds they can use to screw us better and that this one will as well.

 The Dark Knight Rises is classic establishment propaganda and hardly anything beyond that, designed to make people fall asleep even more than they already are.

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