Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blasphemy abundant

  My novel ShadowWalk is probably the most blasphemous novel ever published, not only in terms of religion, but in its total rejection of the current human society. It’s very anti-religious, but all the aspects of modern existence, everything most people believe they hold dear and take for granted is called into question.
  All my novels are like that, in one way or another, but not so thorough. They’re all ripping apart the illusion, the matrix, if you will, but SW is shredding it to pieces. From the very first feverish image appearing on your brainstem to the last, it is a celebration of variety, irregularity and alternative thoughts and action, a total rejection of Law and Order and imposed morality. It's filled with seditious and subversive notions and acts.
  I didn’t really set out to write a blasphemous story. It just ended up that way, because religion and the main «virtues» of society are so far off what I consider good things. I wrote, like I always do what felt natural.
  As stated, it is my least violent novel, at least on a physical level, a slow and low-level burn (but still intense) towards the startling conclusion.
  I can only confirm what some reviews have said about it: among all its other qualities, it also breaks all the rules of storytelling…
  The beliefs of the story’s protagonists are challenged to their core… and so are the readers’.
  It’s a tale of empowerment, about gaining insight to the deepest level of oneself and existence as a whole. It exposes the current human society as the inhuman horror it is. It takes the reader to the true world, beneath the illusion of the modern views on life.
  And that’s just the start!

  The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and basically all over the world.

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