Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Olympic shit: London 2012 - an exercise in control

  Four years ago, when China arranged the Olympic summer games many wanted a boycott because of the occupation in Tibet and China’s lousy human rights’ record.
  Now, when the summer Olympics are held in London, the UK those voices are strangely and typically silent, even though the United Kingdom has been a part of forces invading three countries the last fifteen years, three countries making no aggressive moves whatsoever against the UK and their allies.
  And the UK human rights’ record, at the very least isn’t any better than China’s. Many claim that it is far worse and I agree.
  The wars, with the wholesale and arbitrary slaughter of civilians, including children. The pervasive surveillance and arbitrary imprisonment of protesters within the UK. The brutal aggression against protesters at every turn.
  In the weeks and months leading up to the games homeless people have been given a train ticket and practically been chased out of London. The government won’t allow any blemishes on their polished Olympic image.
  Using the usual terror scare tactics London has been transformed into a war zone. 19 000 soldiers have descended on the city, «to assist the police». United Kingdom never had more than 7500 soldiers in Afghanistan. Anti-aircraft cannons have been placed on private roofs. If any unauthorized planes enter the wrong airspace they will be shut down. The control measures on the ground ranges from the totally absurd to absolute horror and intimidation. Fear is the key, the point with it all. A fearful population is a cowed and obedient population. People walk through countless official and unofficial checkpoints like sheep to the slaughter. Police-state Britain, already well-established is brought a step or ten further to completion.
  The army, the police, secret service and various private «security» firms and bullies with different names and the same inclination, they’re all there.
  It is, above all an exercise in control, in tightening of the noose in an already oppressive society. It’s a giant attempt at strangling social unrest before it erupts in full. London is a city where there are many «unruly elements», many not doing what they’re told and fighting both the current and approaching, even worse tyranny. Those in charge have searched long and hard for the «proper» vehicle to deal with all those subversives and anarchists…
  The commercial forces behind the Olympics have been given free reign to enforce their chosen brands. Ordinary citizens can hardly open their mouths and speak before the corporate machine strikes them down.
  This as a small selection of everything wrong with it all.
  Hell, all those working for a boycott of China four years ago and more should be up in arms to make people boycott the London Olympics.
  Can you cry hypocrisy???
  That’s one side of it. The other, brought up by myself and others is possibly worse, in many ways.
  It concerns the place of sports in modern society in general, the enormous waste in terms of financial and human resources all of it is, how the athletes really are like modern gladiators participating in games serving to distract and divert people from true, valid issues. Sports are tyranny’s best friend. Bread and circus are very much present today.
  Enormous arenas are built in virtually any country, any city and tiny community around the world. People may starve to death and suffer a hellish existence right outside those arenas, and then, THEN the asshole politicians and business interests have the audacity to claim that there is no money, while it’s clearly an issue of horrible priorities. They claim that such insane ventures have a positive effect on the region as a whole, but that’s just more bullshit, of course. It has a positive effect on some rich people’s wallets. Aside from that it’s draining any given area of resources, manpower and last but not least: the right focus.
  People forget their own concerns and justifiable grievances while jumping up and down with stars in their eyes and their quick adrenaline fix flowing through their veins.
  The Olympics is, at best a giant propaganda show.
  But as shown here, it is far worse than that.
  All the wrong things are celebrated and none of the right, except as blatant hypocrisy.
  Some people ask, when these issues are brought up: shouldn’t we still admire the athletes? Aren’t they worthy of respect?
  My answer is no, a resounding NO. They would be worthy of respect if they used all that energy and willpower and strength and determination on worthy pursuits. Sports aren’t anything like that, but are, on the contrary yet another proof of the horrible disease that is ravaging current humanity and the global society.
  People should stop watching the shit, and it would go away. Seeing how people live their lives through the athletes, and don’t live themselves is a sorry sight indeed.
  Sports are used for political purposes, created for that very purpose, are nationalism, elitism, greed, deception, diversions, propaganda and opium for the people and should vanish from the face of the Earth this instant.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Your Own Fate - an alternative description

  Nothing makes sense. Not to Jeremy Zahn, former lieutenant with the London Metropolitan police, not to Janet Caldwell, lieutenant with the Los Angeles Police Department or to anyone in their circles. They struggle in vain to fathom what’s going on, and they’re not alone.
  Timothy Joyce is an enigma, a man without a past, appearing from nowhere, to go on a rampage in an astonished, stunned, baffled and frightened world.
  Los Angeles is a city on the brink, brought to its knees only a few days and nights after the Chaos-bringer’s arrival. The entire world has previously felt his power and the entire world is watching, its people shivering in their shrunken, frozen hearts.
  Jeremy Zahn doesn’t know what will happen. But he knows the end is near, knows that this is the end of the long, exhaustive hunt, the end of the total insanity that has ruled his life the last three years… knows that very soon now everything will finally make sense.

Keep the death threats coming, cultists

 I watched The Dark Knight Rises, unfortunately. I told myself that I wouldn't, that I wouldn't even download it and watch it for free, something I consider the ultimate insult. But a friend dragged me in. The reason I wouldn't watch it was that I hated TDK. I kind of enjoyed BB until Wayne put on the mask, but from then on the entire story has been unimpressive and just bad, bad storytelling.
 One reason I was persuaded to watch it was the pre-release photograph of Selina Kyle in prison uniform, but that was a bust, too.
 Christopher Nolan remains one of the most overrated directors alive today.
 So, I suppose the many fanatical fans would want to strangle me slowly.
 I can live with that.
 dull dull dull
 The emperor, in short has no clothes.

 Yes, there have actually been issued death threats against reviewers telling people what a bad film this is. That, and the event at the cinema theater in Colorado don't make me like it more, that's for sure.

 It's just a travesty that TDK earned the production company and MPAA lots of funds they can use to screw us better and that this one will as well.

 The Dark Knight Rises is classic establishment propaganda and hardly anything beyond that, designed to make people fall asleep even more than they already are.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to become a truly mobile human being (II of IV)

  You notice, inevitably when you really starts getting in shape. Everything, even plain walking becomes that much easier. Every step is an amazing experience. It’s like you are actually levitating. You don’t, but it feels like you do. After two years and more with slow, painstaking movement I noticed that things were finally happening, that I could tell myself that I had actually started with the exercise. I started pushing myself in earnest, pushing myself hard every time I ventured into the forest. Paths and forest rails that had seemed endless suddenly appeared more than doable, at least in anything resembling my old pace. Then I started experimenting, to push even harder every time I felt up to it. I can’t recall exactly when I began tracking time. It just happened, in a natural way, and during just a few months during that summer I improved my personal best almost daily. Oh, there were days when I misjudged myself and the track and was completely exhausted long before I reached the end, but I learned slowly but surely how to best utilize my strength and exercise more effectively.
  Yes, a day without exercise practically becomes a day without meaning. You feel that in a very tangible way eventually. You may get downright miserable if you don’t exercise for a few days, if you don’t take that trip into the forest and experiencing the Life out there. There is both a mental and very physical element to this, and they’re mutually reliant on each other.
  I learned to handle injuries on my own, to heal while exercising, learned to know my body, know myself in ways I had hardly believed possible. It is more than clear to me, now that this was the first step on what would become my further spiritual development. Most people believe that you should take a step back and relax when injuries appear, but that’s just in extreme cases. What you should do the moment you realize you have a prevalent injury that won’t go away «by itself» is to do alternative exercise, move differently from what you usually do. The correct response to an injury is to train yourself back to full health. Oh, months of inactivity could pass before I learned that, but eventually the injuries became the exception, not the rule. I learned to discover an injury before it appeared, so to speak, and that, among countless other great impacts made me feel like two-hundred percent more than once during a given period of time. Everything feels so easy, no matter how hard it is.
  It was wild beyond reason for a while. I did a run before breakfast, one before dinner and one a while afterwards (and one even at night). A run followed by hard physical exercise, like sit-ups, push-ups and lifting and lowering myself from a pole, often a random branch in the forest and around the house. During summer swimming added to the variety of my prowess, long, hard swimming trips many times, back and forth and around the large lake not far from the house. Swimming is incredibly effective exercise. You get to use virtually all the muscles in the body and all excess fat vanish like dew in the sunshine a summer morning.
  During winter I was doing more exercises, more power training, so to speak, more of the push-ups and sit-ups and all, and I grew pretty big. I was hundred and ten kilos with pure muscle. I decided it was too much and decided to shrink myself a little, making it easier to run again, to once again become a more effective exercise machine. To be ten kilos above your ideal weight is good if you’re lifting weights in competitions and stuff, but quite tiresome otherwise. So, I learned to trim myself. When Brandon Lee told Dolph Lundgren in the film Showdown in Little Tokyo (not a very good movie btw) that an excess of muscles makes for a less able body, I nodded empathically. I noticed it easily when I trained with my katana, my Japanese sword, noticed how much easier the flow was after months with focus on agility instead of muscle-building.
  As always I learned everything on my own, and as always that makes everything feels even better. No one has stood there and pushed me. I was growing, not only once but many times, and that was when I found my pretty straightforward philosophy: if there is any reason we are here, any reason at all it is to learn, learn of our own volition, without being forced into a pattern or a narrow mindset. When I started with Magick, when I became the witch I had always been, had been born to become that was an even more useful lesson. Humans are eternal entities without beginning, without end and we gain ever more experience as the centuries pass by.
  The level of exercise has waned and waxed since then, sometimes high, sometimes low, but the foundation is always there, available if I wish to go sky high again. Sometimes I manage to keep it going during the entire winter and gain a fantastic foundation for the spring and summer. Other times I take it easy. But the most important, the crucial aspect of it is never going away: the forest and the wilderness and the life there, so contrary, so much opposed to the society of death we exist in every day. The exercise isn’t the most important component. The wilderness and our Life there is. We are born Wild, and that is also how we should Live.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A dream within a dream

  Let me see if I get this right…

  I dreamt last night about having written a book that I couldn’t remember having written, and when I woke up I had forgotten all about it.
  In my dream I discovered to my surprise and puzzlement that I had written a novel (somehow) during only one year, and I couldn’t fathom how I had done it.
  In my dream I backtracked that year, and I rediscovered the story. I had written it in a rush and had hardly had a break. It was my twelfth completed novel and I felt good, felt pride, as I do with every completed novel.
  Then it was fading, like dew a summer morning. And I’m okay with that, really, since I have tons of unrealized plots and stories in my head already. I figured I forgot it because I deemed this one unworthy.
  But as always, I can’t help but wonder. What was it this time? Where did it go? Reading a book or watching a movie means that you may experience an entire life during the time you’re reading or watching, and that was what faded to an ember early this morning.
  It isn’t truly gone, but still there, churning through my mind, to rise and reappear again, when the time is right, either as the same story or mixed with others into a new and exciting whole.
  It will never go away, but remain, lingering, within and without.
  My mind is a boiling volcano of creation and I just love that.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blasphemy abundant

  My novel ShadowWalk is probably the most blasphemous novel ever published, not only in terms of religion, but in its total rejection of the current human society. It’s very anti-religious, but all the aspects of modern existence, everything most people believe they hold dear and take for granted is called into question.
  All my novels are like that, in one way or another, but not so thorough. They’re all ripping apart the illusion, the matrix, if you will, but SW is shredding it to pieces. From the very first feverish image appearing on your brainstem to the last, it is a celebration of variety, irregularity and alternative thoughts and action, a total rejection of Law and Order and imposed morality. It's filled with seditious and subversive notions and acts.
  I didn’t really set out to write a blasphemous story. It just ended up that way, because religion and the main «virtues» of society are so far off what I consider good things. I wrote, like I always do what felt natural.
  As stated, it is my least violent novel, at least on a physical level, a slow and low-level burn (but still intense) towards the startling conclusion.
  I can only confirm what some reviews have said about it: among all its other qualities, it also breaks all the rules of storytelling…
  The beliefs of the story’s protagonists are challenged to their core… and so are the readers’.
  It’s a tale of empowerment, about gaining insight to the deepest level of oneself and existence as a whole. It exposes the current human society as the inhuman horror it is. It takes the reader to the true world, beneath the illusion of the modern views on life.
  And that’s just the start!

  The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and basically all over the world.

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Watchers

  In the eighteenth century Jeremy Bentham, in discussions with the British government proposed something that has become known as a Panopticon, prisons and quite a few other places where guards and others can watch people without being seen.
  The guards may sit in a tower, or in front of a surveillance monitor, or they may not. Those watched don’t know and have no way of knowing if they are being watched or not, and that’s the entire idea, the insane genius and purpose behind it all. The purpose isn’t merely or necessarily to incarcerate people physically, but also mentally, to practically train them to police themselves. It is that ingenious.
  Bentham supported several daring and good causes like social rights for women and workers and animal liberation, but at heart he was clearly an authoritarian, a servant of Law and Order. Ironically, at least in public, he saw his idea as being in the public’s interest, a false, dishonest view echoed by its current proponents.
  Today, where direct and indirect surveillance is abundant and increases beyond any sane approach we see its true form and practical use unfold. We see the ultimate goal of those in charge, of the machine and its eager servants, a goal nothing short of making the entire world a prison.
  United Kingdom and the United States, with its massive old and new surveillance and anti-terror legislation are the pioneers and the rest of the world follows suit, and as always it is sold as a beneficial system serving the public, while it, in truth is a beyond sinister system wanting nothing short of total control of every single individual within its reach.
  It’s time to say NO to this, and to the hypocrites and liars and schemers selling it to us as anything even remotely beneficial.

  Btw, if you write this off as the run of the mill «conspiracy theory» or if you shrug and say this has nothing to do with you and don’t see or don’t want to see the danger of it I truly pity you, since that would prove beyond doubt that you have the awareness of a stuffed goat and certainly aren’t concerned, in any way with your own freedom or welfare or well-being.

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