Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stand up and stand out

  Many things are wrong with current human society, but one major wrong is most people's total inability to stand up for themselves, for their uniqueness and inner life. They're afraid to stand out, to show themselves as different from the herd.
  I see it all the time, even among my friends. One might discuss a lot with them in private, but as soon as it becomes somewhat public, in the media or in a crowd or otherwise, they pull back. They’re not willing to stand up for their unpopular and strange opinions.
  This is how current society works. We’re shown, at an early age the consequences of being a thinking, independent human being. The picking order is established quickly, like in a henhouse. Children see how the odd one is treated and learn their lesson.
  So, one crucial method of opposing today’s oppressive society, is to be very open about one’s radical opinions, both those overtly «political» (everything is political) or not, to be unafraid or at least brazen faced with possible public condemnation.
  Most adult brains are wired for submission today, instead of being the center of wild independence and savage freedom they should be.

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