Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Janus Clan series

  «Ten stories about the wild man on modern Earth».

  Butterfly wings are flapping in distant lands and times.
  Ted, Mike, Linda, Liz, Tilla, Betty, Iris and others are lost, out of place on present day Earth. There is an elusive mystery of their lives they can almost reach out and touch, but that keeps slipping away. They need to find themselves, find their own worth, empower themselves faced with horrible forces and insurmountable odds haunting their lives. Slowly, in pain and joy, anxiety and excitement they find the power resting inside, the wild uncontrollable beast of the world, the magick resting within them all.
  The Janus Clan, both open and hidden is the shadow and fire and rage of the world.
  They travel the globe, land and sea, fish and fowl, together and alone, picking up clues to whom they are, finding out beyond doubt what they are. It will take them a lifetime to solve the elusive riddle haunting them, and that is just the beginning, the starting point of extraordinary events that will transform them, humanity as a whole and the entire Earth. They will suffer and enjoy a desert walk lasting forty years, forty years of wandering and pondering and hardship before the Phoenix, the bird of fire and shadow rises from its own ashes and magick long lost or misplaced returns to the fore of human consciousness.

  Three books have been published so far: The DefenselessThe Slaves and Birds Flying in the Dark. The next will be released in October.

  There are two standalone, «companion» books to the series: ShadowWalk and From the Ashes, offering additional insight of the story.

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