Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The drill in the head and other stories

  Human society as it has become, civilization is like having a loud, deafening drill constantly in your head, both the sound and direct pain, and while you should reject the Machine and all it is, you can’t and shouldn’t live in a bubble, pretending everything is all right.
  Sometimes, in my despair and desperation I play the music as loud as possible in an effort to escape it, in vain. I still hear it and feel it, inside, where it counts.
  Even far into the wilderness, far from any construction site we can’t help hear the drill.
  It’s like all the dystopian novels and films and stories of the past have come to pass and created something even worse, a horrible synthesis, a nightmare we can’t escape.
  Perpetual war, destruction of nature, of life and spirit… the Machine is destroying everything making life worth living.
  Those in charge and their cronies, people growing on misery, suffering, destruction and horror don’t want to change anything and will do anything to stay on top and defend their kingdom. The establishment will do anything to accomplish its insane goals, no matter how many lives are wrecked in the process. That’s what we see all the time, in the world where we exist today.
  This system can’t be improved, can’t be reformed, can’t be changed or be a good place to live - ever. It must go and any method is acceptable in demolishing it, eradicating it from the face of the scarred Earth.

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