Monday, April 30, 2012


  The fire is lit and spread on the ground like wildfire forming a distinct pattern. The pentacle is large, five meters across, easily seen from planes high above us.
  I stand at the center of the pentacle, its flames surrounding me. It’s an amazing feeling. Everything is so clear. I feel the energies and see the flames dance. They don’t touch me, even though I sense their heat. It’s like they’re far, far away, but I can hear their whisper. I see the people outside the circle, see them strangely clear as well, see their shadows, not only the skin and where the fire dances. I can hear them. They don’t move their lips, but I can still hear what they’re saying.

  Beltane, Witchnight, the night to May first (western, christian time frame):

  This is a dangerous night, a time of undiminished joy, one mirroring our dreams and nightmares the same, uninhibited way, older than christianity, the church or any worship of gods. This is a celebration of humanity, of life itself. According to ancient legends it is a night where the boundaries between the visible and hidden world becomes diluted and sometimes non-existing. There is a shadow world very close to the world we know, a mirror image - mysterious, wonderful, exciting and terrifying beyond imagination. Yes, we know this world well.
  Not in the civilized part of us, the part always sleeping and dying. The modern world, the one those imagining they govern the world call the physical reality is the illusion, not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in its significance. Life is, fortunately so far more than this pale version of it, the ongoing nightmare failing in every way to please us.
  We are so… specialized today that we can’t see the big picture. One can never remove, deny a part of life, without diminishing it. There is no Shadowworld, no «real» world. Everything is a cohesive whole. People adhering to today’s narrow perception of reality pick and choose only tiny parts of the whole and claim that is all there is. They see reality as property, one fenced in and guarded by both four-legged and two-legged dogs. As if the Earth or even a tiny part of it can truly be owned.
  Yes, a part of us has always known the world, the part deeper than any civilization, any advanced technology, undisturbed by an existence as a farmer or city dweller. We are there when we dream and not dream, when we sleep or don’t sleep. We can sense it without senses, a world of life and shadows, where human and animal, life and death is one, life itself in its undiminished form.

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