Sunday, April 22, 2012

Doing it with mirrors - tyranny style

  Those in a charge use extreme violence and threat of it to hold on to their privileges. They have countless uniformed thugs at their disposal. We call them police and military. Their most important task is to defend tyranny against any opposition, any group or individual that might rise up against it.

  Tyranny and its ongoing cleverly constructed propaganda is very good at turning this on its head, of course, easily fooling those easily fooled, making the general population see the legitimate protesters as the threat, the instigators of violence, not those making it as common as grass on the ground.

  Most current protesters are non-violent. One reason for that is quite sensible. It’s the uniformed thugs that have the guns, the clubs and the shields and challenging that overwhelming power is very often very dangerous, and most people fighting the Machine see no alternative to playing the game, the illusion of benevolent democracy where it is said that people have a right to protest.

  The other most common reason for protesters not being violent is that many of them have bought into the transparent propaganda. They swear to the downright ridiculous ideology of «non-violence», depriving themselves of one of several ways of fighting tyranny and thus aiding those in charge, especially when joining in on the choir of condemnation against «violent protesters».

  Everybody knows deep down that the government propaganda is bullshit, of course. Most people aren’t that stupid. But intelligence and its power isn’t really the force at work here. The propaganda is far cleverer than that. It makes most people ignore the power of their observations and adhere to a complex (not complex) web of loyalty in a given population, an adherence to old processes of mainly nationalism and religion. Increasingly aiding this process is the established media of any given country, locally, domestically and internationally. With those beasts on your side you can move mountains… or keep millions of people from doing so.

  When obviously peaceful protesters have their skulls cracked and bones broken in brutal assaults a majority of a given population totally disconnects their common sense and see the victims as the aggressors.

  Steve Biko, the South African freedom fighter said that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed, and he was clearly correct. Most current human beings have become the tool of their own oppression. Democracy is the slickest tyranny in history, because it gives people the illusion of participation and freedom. No one is more enslaved than those wrongly convinced they are free (Goethe). It’s a genius setup.

  The day government and corporations renounce violence they may demand that others do so. But that will never happen, of course, since violence is the only way tyranny can stay in power for long. The propaganda, the sleight of hand approach can only work for so long. Violence is always tyranny’s final defense. Don't be fooled by its downright ridiculous and transparent rhetoric.

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2 comments: said...

What do you propose as the solution, then? If even democracy is tyranny - how can a country be managed? If anarchy - how could that be made to work in practice without chaos ensuing?

Tom Kershaw said...

^Real democracy, not lip service. More options besides two largely indiscernible ideologues. Referendums. I don't think democracy is the problem, it's the current interpretation and the fact that upwardly-trending levels of corruption are par for the course.

Only a major crash and the public's awareness of their responsibility will solve anything.