Monday, January 30, 2012

Strutting bias

Some people wanted to strut their bias, ignorance and intolerance on Twitter last night. In a more or less veiled attack on the Occupy movement and Oakland protesters they came up with the following beyond clever derogatory comment:

«Hippies: Afraid of hormones in milk, but take acid from strangers. You do the math».

I pointed out that I and many others I know who are occasionally dropping acid (LSD) only buy it from people we trust and that it was pretty insane to not be afraid of hormones and other horrors in one particular type of modern milk. I showed them how misinformed and grossly inaccurate their statements and viewpoints were, but as I kind of expected (sarcasm): it wasn’t appreciated.

I also attempted to challenge their ignorance, of course, to plain and simple educate them, and the perceived insults started flowing instantly. I’m quite used to that, though, and shrugged, as I do every time it happens. It takes a lot to truly insult me, also because what usually works on others doesn’t work on me. Heh heh.

But my point is that it was like talking to two pieces of rock. They «stood tall» in their ignorance.

Many mainstream people are strangely proud of being grossly misinformed and do their utmost to stay that way.

This is just one example of many, of course. I have written quite a bit about this kind of human earlier. I call them watchdogs because they are tyranny’s first line of defense against those who would fight it. I also call them tape recorders. They hardly do anything but mindlessly repeating the thoughts and action of others, living their entire life without an original and independent thought in their heads. Typically, they defend or are indifferent to the bad things, even very bad things in the present day world and attack everything smacking of being different or alternative or great. Beyond that they don’t really have anything to say.

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